Ho trees not too expensive

The moment has come to constitute the raw material of the small business LAGRUME deforestation Father & Son: the trees.
Which trees ho ...?
I already have in stock a whole collection of trees in zediaium made previously, I will here focus on spruces, fir trees of different shapes and different sizes. I need about sixty specimens.
I have the opportunity to manufacture them one by one, it's very rewarding [...]

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Ballasting of Hoe lanes

The treatment of the tracks ... first the rails ...
Before the ballasting ... It is necessary to ask them, to stick them and to check that everything works correctly.
On the ground, the rails are old and rusty, the wooden sleepers are for a lot ... very tired.
I will paint the sides of the rails (2 inside and 2 outside). I use for this painting in Humbrol 70 (mat) pot that I patiently apply with my little one, [...]

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