Ho House integrated with the decor

You have finished the model of your building ... It is now time to integrate the Ho house on the ground of your network (as I did on the module for the Ramma 2015).
It is true that you simply have to ask ... and paste ... but the terrain of your decor is not flat.
It is out of the question, as we often see, to see spaces, the [...]

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Convenient modulator

You need a small modulator? To control your network in analog (if it remains reasonable).
Here's how to easily order your train while remaining free of your movements with one hand (this is a good way I used to order the Hoe train on the modules for the Ramma 2015)
So how are you doing?
The idea of the little modulator!
So you want a simple order, not [...]

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Ramma 2015: the crisscrosses of the narrow.

For the Ramma 2015, no less than a year of work to realize the two modules Raoul Lagrume for this challenge LR Press / Free Lane: The crossings of the narrow. A lot of work but a lot of fun at the finish ... The 25 modelers have therefore met in Sedan to gather their achievements (do not miss the video of Bernard Walter at the end of the article)
The crosses of the narrow project [...]

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2015 Ramma modules in the sun

The 2015 Ramma modules take the air!
I dreamed for a long time ... get to advance the work of modules Ramma 2015 and install them in the garden.
Here I am at the right moment. Ramma modules 2015 are 80% made ... With my son Jules, I go down the model in the garden in the late afternoon (around 17h).
My camera (Reflex Canon 700 D) tripods and before the photos ... I feasted. [...]

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A gas tank.

To fill the tank of locotractors, I need a tank ...
Not too small, not too big 1500 to 2000 liters would be a good compromise, it will be in place on the module 1 at the end of the line.
After different attempts with cylinders of different diameters ... I fell a bit by chance on a can ... can be a Playmobil can. It is red plastic.
The fuel tank - the main body.
I spent […]

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Ramma Modules 2015, The Way

I go to the laying of the track on the 2 modules HOe Ramma 2015. It is about narrow way PECO 80, 9mm for the width. I use flexible way.
The needles…
They were put in position at the desired locations at first. It is about electrofrog needles, the heart (metal) will be fed according to the position of the needle to not have inadvertent stop of the motor. Under the […]

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Ramma 2015: it's gone

 The crossings of the narrow HOe is one of the new challenges launched by and for the RAMMA 2015 in Sedan ... 
The new goal? (for Martial my friend modelmaker and me) participate with 2 modules ... which represent a small family tree cutting business. the RAOUL LAGRUME company - Deforestation father & son. I take care of the way, the reliefs, the greenery and Martial him of all this [...]

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The network map N ° 1!

Which system to adopt? What configuration to put in place?
I chose on our 5 modules, to simply connect 2 stations ... that of Villeneuve sur Vère and that of Saint Antonin Noble Val. These 2 villages exist, but do not look for anything in common with reality because they do not have SNCF lines
Here, in general, the plan of the network, the pretty sketch that I realized! with the […]

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The structure of the 1st HO network.

It could be a link between 2 stations ... maybe it's not bad to be simple!
I was also looking for a book published by Loco-Revue (LR-Presse) on railway signaling ... "the miniature network - the signaling in a few typical cases", thanks to the author Yann BAUDE, journalist at Loco-Revue, for me to have sent amicably ... and dedicaced in addition, a copy of his personal reserve (the edition is exhausted!) ... very [...]

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