Stalling of the EPM Y 6400 engine

On certain models, the EPM Y 6400 / LS MODELS locomotives present an engine stall problem.
So why?
This purchased new equipment should, after a break-in period, run properly.
That said, many of the modelers who bought this EPM / LS MODELS locomotives did not have any problems.
This is also my case, with the first model that I bought (green livery - yellow borders) and that I equipped with a [...]

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030 DB 6 Electrotren

This 030 DB 6 Electrotren (Hornby), it's beautiful locotractor! with its three axles and its connecting rods ...
So when I saw it, passing on different sites, between 119 and 169 € ... and there in promo for 95 € at my model railroad merchant in Nantes ... I cracked!
This SNCF locomotives era 3 will be able, even if the network is more refocused on the time 4, to stay in the middle of the [...]

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Locotracteur Minitrains Hoe

Who says module says of course ... rolling stock.
For rail traffic on the Raoul Lagrume operation, I need a locomotive and timber wagons to transport the wood.
1st locator Hoe ... at Roco!
It was a first choice ... I bought on Ebay, a Hoe Roco locator. But, this one does not bring me any satisfaction.
I thought at first that my path was not put correctly ... the feeding of needle cores [...]

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Digitaliser a Y 7400 LS Models.

This locotractor Y 7400 LS Models is a beautiful locotractor (like the 6400 from EPM from the same house for manufacturing).
The problem is that the Belgian brand does not even have a pin for the installation of a simple decoder ... and it is also the case on newer models!
So ... hacking obligation for digital operation.

You could adapt for example, a sound decoder [...]

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Locotracteur EPM Y 6438.

J’ai réalisé du décor sur le réseau. Ici derrière le locotracteur l’entrée du tunnel de la voie d’accès à la gare souterraine.
Voici le Locotracteur EPM Y 6438.
Chez EPM / Ref  E 12.33.03  –  Ep. IV –  vert, traverse jaune, châssis gris, plaque rouge, bandes jaunes jonquille
Le modèle est épuisé chez EPM !

Locotracteur EPM Y 6438… La machine !
Le Y 6400 est un locotracteur diesel dérivé des Y 6200… dont les […]

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