Sur la voie d’accès à la gare de St Antonin (gare de droite) je suis actuellement entrain de faire le pont de campagne (pont Faller) sa coloration, il me faudra poser les rambardes (ABE) et la végétation est pratiquement terminée ainsi que la patine de la route de campagne… Mise en situation avec le Y 6438 (EPM Sonorisé) et une petite R5… (je vais chercher le pain !). Je reviens !
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Greenery on the network

There is greenery everywhere ... It is true that at this moment I do, I eat and I sleep green ... I see life in green! But that's it, the biggest flocking is done ...

On the left side of the network (point-to-point 6m by 0.70 depth) I am currently working on the sanding of deposit routes, the same thing will be done along the [...]

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The network goes green.

Green on the network ... And this is just the beginning ...

The network goes green with Heki Decovlies and Flockings Woodland Scénics: T 1344, 1345, 1363, 1364 which are also used to make the trees from zeechium.
The zonedium is cleaned then passed in a mixture glue + water, then flocked, without forgetting, after drying, the strong lacquer stroke ...
For the mountain a mix [...]

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The network HO No. 1 is getting color.

The plastered strips were laid, some juices to delimit the spaces before laying the various flockings. The most important thing to do on the ho network, remains the part behind the bridge, before the final installation of the latter. Then the paper mache and the shaping of the mountain. Here's where we are ... and the HO network is getting color!
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The metal bridge of the network ...

The insoles (in insulating wood sub-layers) are all laid, the right station is wired (DCC signal,
it will remain the orders of needles to make). For the left station, you have to put the rails and wire ...
Between our two stations there are two bridges, the first is stone (it is in place) and the second is a metal cage ... It is the latter that interests us!
We will […]

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2 drawers for the network

2 drawers for the network were installed on both sides to facilitate the maneuvers, they are after the last needle ... and measure 50 cm long ... Here are 2 pictures of the right and one of the left ...

A box surface was also added to the front of the network with a rail, to allow the programming of the motor CVs ... the traces of paint correspond to the finishes of the station [...]

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The laying of the HO way - 1st part.

Our route is done ... We must now cut into the plate, the holes to house the Peco engines. The sub-layer in compressed wood (easy-to-cut parquet floor with a cutter) is laid and glued (wood glue).

I postpone the holes for the switch motors on the underlay glued in (turning over the plate) and test the location of the tracks ... the rails will then be fixed with [...]

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The laying of HO lanes - a first try

Roco lane code 100, Roco and Peco turnouts ... for the laying of the HO lanes of our stations. They are held by screws and washers, I respect the 5cm mini for the width of the platforms.
All rails and switches are placed on a single plate (even if it is based on several modules, this point-to-point network is not intended to travel or to be exposed) [...]

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The delirium mine of François Gobbey

The Délirium mine A HO network surprising that the one made by Francois GOBBEY (AMFC Orléans), this artisanal mine plunges us into the 18th and 19th century. That's 1m30 x 0.90 to discover the exploitation of Delirium, very rare metal in its natural state which is a natural compound of chromium and nickel ... For the mine to work from extraction to transport, François GOBBEY has planned everything ... elevator, grader hoppers for [...]

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Tracks of train tracks

Good it's true! my tracks from the departure station tracks were a bit ... even very optimistic! given the space available! (the network is 70 cm deep and some have made the remark ... justified).
But we are always full of enthusiasm at the start, so I have to see my claims down (for what would like to admire the masterpieces of departure, he can search the article [...]

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La Roche des Monts

Loyal readers of Loco Revue, it is a name that you know well, a gray eminence (despite its age!) Model rail Mayennais (it will make him happy) ... met with its Vendéen network of "La Roche des Monts" ( a curious mixture between Roche sur Yon and Notre Dame or St Jean de Monts !!)
A beautiful evolution of the biscuit factory Jeannette where narrow way, metric track and track [...]

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Feeding the rails - Problem

Question from Jean Marc CREPIN:
Good evening I made a simple train ho circuit for my boy and the current does not go around the circuit. I would like to know how to solve the problem. Thank you in advance.
 Reply : 
Good evening,
Jean Marc it is certainly and simply a problem feeding the rails ... It's a bit boring to do but ... We must clean the rails ... with alcohol, a special eraser (Roco - [...] ]

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