Track power

The supply of the track ...
An important step for trains to work properly throughout the network.

For that 2 essential rules to respect:

Good track nutrition, which implies ...
Good wiring!

Proper wiring means that you need to use 16-to-12 or 8-volt cables from the transformer, suitable diameter cables, from 0.25 mm for current wiring up to 1.5 mm rigid for [...]

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Convenient modulator

You need a small modulator? To control your network in analog (if it remains reasonable).
Here's how to easily order your train while remaining free of your movements with one hand (this is a good way I used to order the Hoe train on the modules for the Ramma 2015)
So how are you doing?
The idea of the little modulator!
So you want a simple order, not [...]

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Transformer of campaign

The house Lagrume needs electricity ...
... so need a campaign processor (as there are everywhere in France) nearby. You will find moreover on various forums and in particular the forum LR Press devoted to the trains, threads on this building typical of our French campaigns ... which will allow you to get an idea on the choice of its representation (there are some many models) [...]

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Tillig 86112 engine, how to wire it

For the needle motors, Ramma modules, I have a total of 4 needles to motorize.
I thought, at first, to make manual orders. But then I hesitated between different engines, like the PL10 Peco that I used for the network, the Lematec engines that I told you about on the Facebook page ...
I finally opted for the engine Tillig 86112, it is quite expensive in the trade, but there, [...]

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Network # 1 wiring is moving forward.

Je finis de poser les voies, le câblage du réseau avance pour le DCC et après tout ça …  les premiers essais… Y en a un peu partout !!    et bientôt les premiers essais.
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Feeding the rails - Problem

Question from Jean Marc CREPIN:
Good evening I made a simple train ho circuit for my boy and the current does not go around the circuit. I would like to know how to solve the problem. Thank you in advance.
 Reply : 
Good evening,
Jean Marc it is certainly and simply a problem feeding the rails ... It's a bit boring to do but ... We must clean the rails ... with alcohol, a special eraser (Roco - [...] ]

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