NETWORK Ho - Network Path Plan

NETWORK TUTORIAL Ho # 9 Go go for the introduction of paper needles for the first tests ... 1st step! We are looking at a Loco Revue special issue that deserves to be reissued! A big THANK YOU to Mathieu Jacquemart for his help. Rule, pencil, rails, needles and we move to the realization of the network path plan. HD VIDEO on the chain letraindejules:
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Petiville sur Mer - Project Ho - Olivier Taniou

Petiville sur Mer - Before getting to the heart of the matter ... Some details about its designer:
Olivier Taniou - You certainly know him!
Author of numerous articles and tutorials for Loco-Revue and other magazines of the LR Press group, you have already met him in exhibition, where he, with Gaëlle, always pleased to present you his achievements, with among others: La Roche des Monts - The biscuit factory Jeannette [...]

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Albi Railroad Viaduct - Network Project

The Viaduct Ferroviaire Albi is located in the Tarn (81 - Midi Pyrenees).

Also called "Viaduct of Castelviel" or "Railway Bridge Albi" it is located on the line of Toulouse (31) to Rodez (12) and allows the crossing of the Tarn Albi.
This viaduct has a special aura because it was painted by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec native of the city in 1880. You [...]

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HO relief for modules.

The way is laid ... the needles are tested ... everything is fine.
We must now move to relief. This relief HO must be simple to achieve and especially lightweight to allow easy transport modules.
The relief of module 2 is made with pieces of expanded polystyrene, that of module 1 with strips of cardboard.
The manufacture of relief Ho ...
I cut strips of cardboard, about 2 cm wide, [...]

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Tracks of train tracks

Good it's true! my tracks from the departure station tracks were a bit ... even very optimistic! given the space available! (the network is 70 cm deep and some have made the remark ... justified).
But we are always full of enthusiasm at the start, so I have to see my claims down (for what would like to admire the masterpieces of departure, he can search the article [...]

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The network layout Ho No. 1.

I started the layout of the network. My allies ... the pencil of paper, the eraser obviously and a little string for drawing curves and some standards too, because a question quickly arose ...
How far between the tracks, in full lane, in curve and in a station?
I went poking around the European standards of model making, the MOROP with the recommendations for the spacing of the tracks (NEM [...]

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The network map N ° 1!

Which system to adopt? What configuration to put in place?
I chose on our 5 modules, to simply connect 2 stations ... that of Villeneuve sur Vère and that of Saint Antonin Noble Val. These 2 villages exist, but do not look for anything in common with reality because they do not have SNCF lines
Here, in general, the plan of the network, the pretty sketch that I realized! with the […]

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