A HO station in Villeneuve sur Loire

A few days of vacation = a little model.
For example ... the realization of the HO station of Villeneuve sur Loire from a kit of a station PO Architecture and Passion (Vigeois station).
The kit is easy to assemble, everything is clear perfectly explained ... Hard to be wrong ... Bravo Mr Constant.
The interior is fun, to do from boards (tapestries and soil very 70's) loaded on the site.
Lighting from a platinum [...]

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HO platforms, How to do

Establishment of the docks for our two stations. Quays located across the main track and siding.
After having made a template of the future stations (PO of Architecture and passion) each dock is made in depron (2 superimposed thicknesses of 6mm) engraved for the borders, except for the way of stop of railcar for the station of St Antonin the wall was engraved [...]

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Zeechium : comment le faire pousser

L’été, la saison pour voir pousser nos « arbres »en Zeechium…  très utiles pour notre réseau miniature…
Nous avons au mois de février, acheté nos graines chez Baumaux, par correspondance (environ 2,50 euros le sachet de 1000 graines, il vaut mieux en prendre plusieurs, voire prévoir les autres plantations au jardin de l’année, car les frais d’envoi en France, quel que soit le nombre de sachets, est de 7,50 euros !!)

Les graines peuvent être […]

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Des arbres HO avec le Zeechium

Nous allons donc fabriquer nos arbres à partir de branches de Zeechium précautionneusement conservées dans un carton, de manière à apporter un peu de verdure sur notre futur réseau et déjà sur notre mini-réseau !
Nous avons besoin de colle (mélange 50% eau / 50 % colle). Un plat assez large va nous permettre de plonger facilement nos branches à floquer.

Préparons nos branches d’écumes de mer (choisir la bonne branche ou retailler en fonction […]

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The network HO of the network

Here is an inventory of the driving park in service on the network HO ... these are the symbols of the motor running late 60s and 70s. First of all:
CC 72000 Roco: it is digitized with SON - ZIMO decoder. It is a little new, a slight patina will be needed. By cons the sound is excellent!

X2800 Roco: A railcar bought on Ebay with its trailer [...]

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Digitaliser a Y 7400 LS Models.

This locotractor Y 7400 LS Models is a beautiful locotractor (like the 6400 from EPM from the same house for manufacturing).
The problem is that the Belgian brand does not even have a pin for the installation of a simple decoder ... and it is also the case on newer models!
So ... hacking obligation for digital operation.

You could adapt for example, a sound decoder [...]

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The HO loop of the network N°1

It's time to complete the loop, to make the HO loop of the network to finally ... the turn!
In the last article the support board was laid on squares. The cork underlay to accommodate the tracks (same thing in the underground station) is put in place.

The track will be doubled on this "parade route" with two long needles Peco [...]

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Helical loops HO for the network

I am sticking the rails on the helical loops of the network, considering the diameter it is OK for the convoys of transport (cc 72000, BB 66000, locomotives ...) on the other hand ... the convoys with passenger cars and the X2800 one forgets! The problems of place prevents me from making loops 600 mm radius! The rails used are flexible PECO SL 100 of 910 mm, forget about [...]

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The helical loops not easy

A point-to-point network is good, but we keep our memories of childhood and this desire to see "turn the little train". By dint of watching the motor drive, I thought it would be nice if she could go around the room! but this is not possible since the part occupied by the network is not entirely dedicated to it.
Hence the idea of making a [...]

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Sur la voie d’accès à la gare de St Antonin (gare de droite) je suis actuellement entrain de faire le pont de campagne (pont Faller) sa coloration, il me faudra poser les rambardes (ABE) et la végétation est pratiquement terminée ainsi que la patine de la route de campagne… Mise en situation avec le Y 6438 (EPM Sonorisé) et une petite R5… (je vais chercher le pain !). Je reviens !
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Greenery on the network

There is greenery everywhere ... It is true that at this moment I do, I eat and I sleep green ... I see life in green! But that's it, the biggest flocking is done ...

On the left side of the network (point-to-point 6m by 0.70 depth) I am currently working on the sanding of deposit routes, the same thing will be done along the [...]

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The network goes green.

Green on the network ... And this is just the beginning ...

The network goes green with Heki Decovlies and Flockings Woodland Scénics: T 1344, 1345, 1363, 1364 which are also used to make the trees from zeechium.
The zonedium is cleaned then passed in a mixture glue + water, then flocked, without forgetting, after drying, the strong lacquer stroke ...
For the mountain a mix [...]

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