Ramma Modules 2015, The Way

I go to the laying of the track on the 2 modules HOe Ramma 2015. It is about narrow way PECO 80, 9mm for the width. I use flexible way.
The needles…
They were put in position at the desired locations at first. It is about electrofrog needles, the heart (metal) will be fed according to the position of the needle to not have inadvertent stop of the motor. Under the […]

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Tillig 86112 engine, how to wire it

For the needle motors, Ramma modules, I have a total of 4 needles to motorize.
I thought, at first, to make manual orders. But then I hesitated between different engines, like the PL10 Peco that I used for the network, the Lematec engines that I told you about on the Facebook page ...
I finally opted for the engine Tillig 86112, it is quite expensive in the trade, but there, [...]

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Clean the rails efficiently.

The very forbidding thing is cleaning the rails!
Yes it's true ... we never talk about it, but it's one of the repetitive actions of the rail model maker.
It's always difficult, do not damage the scenery, do it properly if the motor stops in the middle, it's really not really fun to do and yet ... it must stick!
I start on the subject following a question that was [...]

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Peco needles, how to wire them well

The network was previously equipped with Peco insulfrog needles, needles for the circulation of fast trains (tractors or railcars that sometimes run at speed, scale, a TGV as can be seen on some videos ).
In our case, few tracks = network of maneuvers, which imply speeds sometimes very slow ... 
The problem with the Peco insulfrog needles (which do not have polarization of the heart [...]

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Lococractor HOW

For the 2015 Ramma Challenge, the modules will be equipped with 9 mm track, HOe narrow track.
For the 2 modules that I build, I need a reliable locotractor, not too expensive ... So I turn to ROCO and its small locotractor HOe ref 33206 that I can get for a price in very good condition at around 60 euros on Ebay no example (possible purchase in nine [...]

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Agricultural cooperative ABE 44.

I was looking for a building that could fit easily into the Particular Branch of the station of St Antonin ... After reflection ... I ended up finding with this agricultural cooperative produced in kit (resin and metal) by ABE 44 (Belle Epoque workshop ).

The kit is quite simple, even if one sometimes wonders about the cluster of metal detailing, what part corresponds to what! Looking for a little we end up [...]

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HO cabin

Une petite, une belle cabane HO, une cabane HO achetée… 50 centimes lors d’une exposition (trouvée avec 2 autres dans des cartons qui trainent…) Grattage, recollage, toit en carton ondulé, peinture en gris et noir, terre à décor (il me faudra mettre un peu de verdure autour). Et le tour est joué !
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Establishment of our two villages

That's it ... here we go in the realization of our two villages ... On the right of the network: St Antonin sur Layon, Villeneuve sur Loire on the left of the model.
Each village, which already includes a model - Regions and Companies - is placed on a 3.6 mm plywood base. The background is made him from photos (try on the photos below). The backgrounds are printed from [...]

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A very green hill.

Realization of our hill (often called the mountain ... but its altitude is not dizzying). It was painted, the white dry brush was made to bring out the edges and the first thin end flockings were made (Woodlands Scénics).

We must now bring some greenery to all this. I start by asking some fir trees (small or medium size +, 4 where [...]

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Ho city comes to life

The city HO comes alive, the buildings are quite easy to do, be careful not to put too much glue (This is also stated in the instructions ... photo film pot and small brush) thicknesses sometimes at least make that the cartons sometimes tend to curl. I use wood glue for a quicker grip.
Models delivered with kit élec (resistance + diodes and diagram well explained for [...]

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De l’herbe HO pour 7 euros

L’herbe Ho – pour la faire soyez prudent – Attention à vos manipulations et aux risques électriques !
Les flocages sont indispensables sur un réseau mais parfois, et notamment pour les prés, l’herbe manque un peu d’épaisseur.
C’est vrai ! … Comment réaliser une jolie prairie bien drue, avec de l’herbe HO bien grasse ?
Il y a des appareils pour ça… mais ça coute cher !
Et de l’herbe HO qui pousse […]

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A new HO station for St Antonin

The yellow passenger ship arrives for the continuation of the construction of the Ho railway stations of the network,
After the 3-door station of Villeneuve sur Loire (previous article) the small station Ho St Antonin sur Layon.
It is a model PO - Najac of Architecture and passion with in addition the toilets for the station of Villeneuve.
The traveling building of St Antonin - the yellow was retained for the [...]

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