Albi Railroad Viaduct - Network Project

The Viaduct Ferroviaire Albi is located in the Tarn (81 - Midi Pyrenees).

Also called "Viaduct of Castelviel" or "Railway Bridge Albi" it is located on the line of Toulouse (31) to Rodez (12) and allows the crossing of the Tarn Albi.
This viaduct has a special aura because it was painted by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec native of the city in 1880. You [...]

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Ho House integrated with the decor

You have finished the model of your building ... It is now time to integrate the Ho house on the ground of your network (as I did on the module for the Ramma 2015).
It is true that you simply have to ask ... and paste ... but the terrain of your decor is not flat.
It is out of the question, as we often see, to see spaces, the [...]

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Convenient modulator

You need a small modulator? To control your network in analog (if it remains reasonable).
Here's how to easily order your train while remaining free of your movements with one hand (this is a good way I used to order the Hoe train on the modules for the Ramma 2015)
So how are you doing?
The idea of the little modulator!
So you want a simple order, not [...]

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Earth with decoration, how to make it

The land with decor ... there are those of the trade like at ABE 44 or ARA productions with also some references of rust and dirt.

I have some shades: rust / black and ocher yellow ... that can do just about anything.
You can also find land decor, plastic art stores ... There are all kinds, with prices more accessible ... for [...]

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Painting and patina

The painting and patina of our walls. Jonathan (model Quebecer) who, on the facebook page of traindejules, made me the following comment: "I the problem ... it's not to do (the casts) is to paint them so that it is realistic! My modellist's blood has only gone one round! (Wizzz ...).
Here is a tutorial to "paint" and skate your old stones.
This is my method, there is [...]

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Moules silicone Ho.

Oui des moules silicone Ho pour tout simplement multiplier la fabrication de vos entrées de tunnel, vos murs et autres architectures de soutènement ou bâtis en pierres.
Bien sur, vous avez la possibilité de les fabriquer à l’unité.
Il est possible de les réaliser avec de la pâte à modeler, du carton plume Canson (que vous aurez pelé), du Dépron de l’argile ou même les acheter… tout faits.
Le souci c’est que vous […]

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030 DB 6 Electrotren

This 030 DB 6 Electrotren (Hornby), it's beautiful locotractor! with its three axles and its connecting rods ...
So when I saw it, passing on different sites, between 119 and 169 € ... and there in promo for 95 € at my model railroad merchant in Nantes ... I cracked!
This SNCF locomotives era 3 will be able, even if the network is more refocused on the time 4, to stay in the middle of the [...]

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Roco X2800 with sound system

It's been a long time since I wanted to equip this Roco X2800 railcar with a sound decoder, railcar I bought on Ebay in a box with its trailer Decauville.

ESU Loksound V4 with sound for the Roco X2800
So reception of the decoder completed by Miniatures passion, with the opening of the box I realize that the record is ... in GERMAN! I have nothing against our friends from Germany, but I thought that any product sold in [...]

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Arbre Ho facile

Un arbre Ho sera notre bricolage du jour.
Pour les arbres de votre module, de votre réseau, de votre diorama… vous avez vraiment le choix.
Soit utiliser des arbres du commerce pas chers, que vous allez tout simplement disposer ça et là, d’autres que vous pourrez customiser à votre façon avec différentes teintes de flocage.
Vous pourrez aussi investir dans des arbres de qualité chez Sylvia SDD par exemple, mais cela coute assez […]

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Caliper: how to use it

The caliper everyone knows and all modellers know how to use it.
It is the indispensable instrument of all the precise measurements.
I found mine on a garage sale at 2 € with the rule and the box ... (yes, and without negotiating).

I have also often seen on this kind of sale, resold by parents or teens who have finished their technical studies [...]

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Resin River: How to proceed

The resin river is a subject that I have already discussed here but incompletely.
So let's be more precise, because even if this way may seem a little more complicated, with the method and patience we get there ... the proof!
That said, to make a river you have several other possibilities:

Either make your background color and then put on top of a plastic plate provided [...]

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Buissons touffus et taillis

Les haies et buissons sont omniprésents sur toute maquette, réseau ou diorama avec différentes façons de les matérialiser, de les concevoir.
J’ai utilisé sur les modules Raoul Lagrume (Modules pour le Ramma), pour les buissons, principalement du lichen floqué, ce qui est tout à fait plausible… mais un peu old school comme certains me l’ont d’ailleurs fait remarqué…  la végétation manque un peu d’aération. Il faudra que je la repense pour […]

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