TUTORIAL: Installation DLY Engine 2

New tutorial on letraindejules.fr for the installation of the engine under table DLY Motor 2, engine conceived and realized by Daniel Le Gall.

If you are not very strong in electronics here is a simple solution to place on (under) your network.

For the demonstration, realization of a mini network of 40 cm by 10 including a Electrofrog PECO Code 100 needle with feeding of the needle heart.

At the exit of the heart [...]

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HO NETWORK - LED network lighting


We turn on the lighting of the network for the lighting of the way and the lighting of the modules.

The equipment for led lighting of the network:

Rubans LED autocollants : vous pouvez les choisir chauds ou froids et également par 60 ou 120 Leds (le prix n’est pas le même)

Transformateur 220 /12 V avec 10A et les miens font 120W ce qui est largement suffisant

Modulator not [...]

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NETWORK Ho - Arrival order of needles.

NETWORK TUTORIAL Ho # 10 Needles from Hattons in Liverpool have just arrived! Opening the carton after this arrival order of needles! What surprise reserves the package ??
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NETWORK Ho - Choose the right hands for your lane plan.


Choose the right hands for the lane plan of your network.

We surf on the PC ... Site Peco Products: https://peco-uk.com/

the OO (1 / 76th English) corresponds in every respect to 1 / 87th in France.

Among the needles presented on the site, there is also the N and the O. PECO products available at Micro Model, Boutique LR Modélisme ...

Personally I buy the products track Peco [...]

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NETWORK Ho - structure and storage


Here is the structure and support of the network with shelves and storage boxes from IKEA are in place.

When I say: Structure and storage, ie the setting up of our shelves ... *

But also by all the storage and classifications of the equipment made available for the realization of the network.

Room 9m² - 3 x 3 meters is relatively small, all [...]

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Tutorial - Removable cup for storing brushes

On the workstation, the model trainer is always looking for ergonomics and storage systems rather practical. 
This is not the DIY of the year but ...
Here is an idea of storage at a lower price and simple to achieve.        

On my post I need a system that allows me to store, brushes, pens and the rest.

So I installed on each side two removable cups (easy to carry [...]

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The RTS-Greenkeeper, I had failed to present it to you during my previous selection of electrostatic devices for flocking your network ► HERE
This PRO device has already received the praise of Loco-Revue magazine in the N ° 837 and 838 of April and May 2017.
Easy flocking with the RTS-Greenkeeper ...
The RTS-Greenkeeper is a device specially made and adapted to the flocking work of modelers.

It is today the device of this type the best-selling [...]

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Electrostatic fixing of flocking

The electrostatic fixation of flocking, a vast subject ...
Before looking at the different devices available on the market:
the principle of electrostatic fixing of flocking ... How does it work?
1 - Load the fiber unit (grass) 4 to 12 mm long into the tank.
2 - Apply a rather wet glue bed (for electrical conductivity) on the surface to be flocked.
3 - fix a point on the [...]

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Caliper: how to use it

The caliper everyone knows and all modellers know how to use it.
It is the indispensable instrument of all the precise measurements.
I found mine on a garage sale at 2 € with the rule and the box ... (yes, and without negotiating).

I have also often seen on this kind of sale, resold by parents or teens who have finished their technical studies [...]

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Polaroid Cube HD Camera: Full Test

In Loco-Revue N ° 814, I propose you a complete test of the Polaroid Cube HD camera here is the article:

The ideal camera for the train modeler!

Polaroid Cube Camera HD in summary - Size: 3.5 cm side - Weight: 45g - Price: 99.99 euros

Another HD camera?
Many passionate handymen have long since developed sometimes complex systems to make movies embedded on their network.
The […]

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Tillig 86112 engine, how to wire it

For the needle motors, Ramma modules, I have a total of 4 needles to motorize.
I thought, at first, to make manual orders. But then I hesitated between different engines, like the PL10 Peco that I used for the network, the Lematec engines that I told you about on the Facebook page ...
I finally opted for the engine Tillig 86112, it is quite expensive in the trade, but there, [...]

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Clean the rails efficiently.

The very forbidding thing is cleaning the rails!
Yes it's true ... we never talk about it, but it's one of the repetitive actions of the rail model maker.
It's always difficult, do not damage the scenery, do it properly if the motor stops in the middle, it's really not really fun to do and yet ... it must stick!
I start on the subject following a question that was [...]

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