Le réseau Ho fonctionne !

TUTO #18

Ça y est le réseau est bouclé et il fonctionne ! Ce ne fut pas une mince affaire

Même si il reste des portions de voie a corriger, les motrices et autres locotracteurs s’en donnent à cœur joie !

Voici les dernières opérations réalisées sur le réseau pour que tout fonctionne (même s’il reste beaucoup de choses à mettre en place).

TUTORIEL de la voie soudée sur des […]

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Moyse REE – TUTORIEL Patine du locotracteur

Ce locotracteur Moyse REE est un peu neuf.

D’où l’idée de le patiner légèrement pour lui enlever ce coté « sortie de boite » et le rendre un peu moins brillant, plus utilisé…

Le voici terminé, voici les explications ci dessous.

Cette méthode, tout à fait personnelle, n’est que le reflet d’une expérience… et non une méthode infaillible.

D’autres pourront utiliser un aérographe par exemple, comme déjà vu sur le site letraindejules avec la […]

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Stalling of the EPM Y 6400 engine

On certain models, the EPM Y 6400 / LS MODELS locomotives present an engine stall problem.
So why?
This purchased new equipment should, after a break-in period, run properly.
That said, many of the modelers who bought this EPM / LS MODELS locomotives did not have any problems.
This is also my case, with the first model that I bought (green livery - yellow borders) and that I equipped with a [...]

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Airbrush Patina: LS Models Car.

Nouvelle patine à l’aérographe de Laurent Raboteau de depann’loco. Cette fois ci sur une voiture voyageurs LS Models. Le principe reste exactement le même que celui présenté il y a quelques semaines sur la motrice CC72000 Roco. Pour en savoir plus cliquez ICI. Suivez les conseils de Laurent avec la vidéo ci-dessous qui vous détaille l’opération.  
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Patine à l’aérographe : CC 72000

The airbrush patina of a motor or a car ... have you ever thought about it?
Yes, but ... You have not taken the step.
Video tutorial for the patina of a motor by Laurent Raboteau de Depann'loco at the end of this article 
But first…
The material for the airbrush patina!
The compressor: It is necessary to have a compressor that will supply, connected to the sector, the compressed air to allow the operation of the airbrush [...]

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Motor show route and wagons.

The practical way of exposure to take a picture of your Ho (or N or O if you wish, it is enough to adapt the rails and the plate of presentation in function ...).
Very easy to make, light, easily transportable to be positioned in any place, to have the backdrop you want (campaign, near a station, on your network ...).
This is a method that you can also apply to achieve the [...]

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Wagon Hoe at the right weight

Wagon Hoe, Ho or even N this operation is valid for all scales!
Your Hoe car at the right weight ... So?
Here the Hoe wagon goes in all directions ... It lacks charge, and does not fail to derail ... as soon as it can!

First of all, the standard for weights following the scales: NEM 302 standards of Morop dating from 2015 with the following table:

Calculation [...]

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030 DB 6 Electrotren

This 030 DB 6 Electrotren (Hornby), it's beautiful locotractor! with its three axles and its connecting rods ...
So when I saw it, passing on different sites, between 119 and 169 € ... and there in promo for 95 € at my model railroad merchant in Nantes ... I cracked!
This SNCF locomotives era 3 will be able, even if the network is more refocused on the time 4, to stay in the middle of the [...]

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Roco X2800 with sound system

It's been a long time since I wanted to equip this Roco X2800 railcar with a sound decoder, railcar I bought on Ebay in a box with its trailer Decauville.

ESU Loksound V4 with sound for the Roco X2800
So reception of the decoder completed by Miniatures passion, with the opening of the box I realize that the record is ... in GERMAN! I have nothing against our friends from Germany, but I thought that any product sold in [...]

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Locotracteur Minitrains Hoe

Who says module says of course ... rolling stock.
For rail traffic on the Raoul Lagrume operation, I need a locomotive and timber wagons to transport the wood.
1st locator Hoe ... at Roco!
It was a first choice ... I bought on Ebay, a Hoe Roco locator. But, this one does not bring me any satisfaction.
I thought at first that my path was not put correctly ... the feeding of needle cores [...]

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Patine rolling stock Hoe.

The rolling stock brought to circulate on the Ramma modules 2015 looks much too new to match the environment!
It will be necessary to realize a copious material patina ... to give the impression that everything has undergone the weather and the years ... moreover the Lagrume does not spend its time pampering the wagons and the locomotives ... must it bump!
Tools and equipment for the patina!
Still Humbrol painting [...]

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Lococractor HOW

For the 2015 Ramma Challenge, the modules will be equipped with 9 mm track, HOe narrow track.
For the 2 modules that I build, I need a reliable locotractor, not too expensive ... So I turn to ROCO and its small locotractor HOe ref 33206 that I can get for a price in very good condition at around 60 euros on Ebay no example (possible purchase in nine [...]

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