DCC programming channel.

Unlike the analogue that requires that a portion of track is not powered for a loco is stopped, digital has many advantages ... each motor is indeed independent if we took good care to program its different CV (to adjust as desired the sound, braking acceleration ...) but especially if you thought to give him an address (which is personal) that him [...]

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Ho electric network.

Transformer, pylons, cables ... electricity arrives at Lagrume ... no more candlelight parties!
The transformer (Artitec model) will, thanks to 1 pylon, be connected to the electricity network ... and 2 pylons will link it to the Lagrume house.
I chose the ABE 44 pylons that I first pass to the TAMYA primer.
I will then prepare 2 pieces of cardboard (from the width of the pylon, from the rest of a kit [...]

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Module sonore Loco-DigiLab

The model is good ... the scenarios, trees, wood ... the characters ... but all that lacks a bit of sound, a little atmosphere!
So I appealed to LDL - Loco-DigiLab;
It designs very simple sound modules and small sizes, very easy to implement on your network. These modules provided for a price between 20 and 30 € can restore sounds, atmospheres to [...]

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Control terminal, the 2 TCOs.

Set up each control terminal ... they are called the "TCO", they are used to distribute the energies, (AC and DC) to cut the portions of channels that must be isolated on the power supply side and also to control the needle motors.
The two RAMMA 2015 modules are fixed together, placed on trestles and placed on a fairly wide board. Everything is blocked with clamps to allow me [...]

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Tillig 86112 engine, how to wire it

For the needle motors, Ramma modules, I have a total of 4 needles to motorize.
I thought, at first, to make manual orders. But then I hesitated between different engines, like the PL10 Peco that I used for the network, the Lematec engines that I told you about on the Facebook page ...
I finally opted for the engine Tillig 86112, it is quite expensive in the trade, but there, [...]

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Network # 1 wiring is moving forward.

Je finis de poser les voies, le câblage du réseau avance pour le DCC et après tout ça …  les premiers essais… Y en a un peu partout !!    et bientôt les premiers essais.
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