Les Bileds DLY Moteur


La connectique des TCO avec le tout nouveau système de Daniel LE GALL pratiquement SANS SOUDURE (Hormis la soudure de vos câbles de commande sur les interrupteurs de votre TCO, tout ce fait par connecteurs). Pratique !

Vous avez toutes les infos sur : http://www.dlymoteur.fr Et Ici : http://www.dlymoteur.fr/dly-411-tco-p… –

Pour les BILEDS spécifiquement.

Sinon le matériel On bouche les trous des anciennes leds avec de la […]

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Façades et TCO

TUTO #19

Nous passons à l’installation des façades et TCO – 2 TCO (terminaux de commande optiques).

Matériaux et matériel :

Plaques de medium 3 mm sur 100 mm de large.

Tasseaux de 50 par 20 mm.

Vis : 4 mm par 30 et 3 mm par 20

Interrupteurs 2 positions (foret 6 mm)

Diodes vertes ou autres (foret 5 mm).

Voici sur la […]

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Eclairage modules Boismodélisme

TUTO #17

L’éclairage modules XPO de chez BoisModélisme.com

INFOS : http://www.boismodelisme.com/product/…

Le Matériel :

1Tube LED 10 watt 900 Lumens et 4000° K (lumière ni chaude ni froide). Prix 10 euros environ, on trouve moins cher.

4 Vis de fixation.

De la colle chaude (pistolet et bâtons de colle).

Un rallonge (2 fils) de 3m. Vous trouvez ça pas chers chez les soldeurs. Privilégiez la norme NF

Un interrupteur.

Des colliers […]

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Réseau Ho – Câblage voie et moteurs.


Câblage de la voie au signal numérique de la centrale.Pose des moteurs DLY Moteur de Daniel Le Gall. INFOS Les interrupteurs et rallonges câbles sont fournis (voir fournitures DLY Moteur.)

Matériel : Connecteurs – Platine Sinch femelle. Câbles 0,2 – 2 x 1,5 mm². Pince à dénuder. Pince coupante. Fer à souder. Étain. Cutter. fer a souder Gaine thermorétractable Tournis plat et cruciformes de différentes tailles. Colliers. […]

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TUTORIAL: Installation DLY Engine 2

New tutorial on letraindejules.fr for the installation of the engine under table DLY Motor 2, engine conceived and realized by Daniel Le Gall.

If you are not very strong in electronics here is a simple solution to place on (under) your network.

For the demonstration, realization of a mini network of 40 cm by 10 including a Electrofrog PECO Code 100 needle with feeding of the needle heart.

At the exit of the heart [...]

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HO NETWORK - LED network lighting


We turn on the lighting of the network for the lighting of the way and the lighting of the modules.

The equipment for led lighting of the network:

Rubans LED autocollants : vous pouvez les choisir chauds ou froids et également par 60 ou 120 Leds (le prix n’est pas le même)

Transformateur 220 /12 V avec 10A et les miens font 120W ce qui est largement suffisant

Modulator not [...]

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Track power

The supply of the track ...
An important step for trains to work properly throughout the network.

For that 2 essential rules to respect:

Good track nutrition, which implies ...
Good wiring!

Proper wiring means that you need to use 16-to-12 or 8-volt cables from the transformer, suitable diameter cables, from 0.25 mm for current wiring up to 1.5 mm rigid for [...]

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Needles N / Hoe - Ho how to wire them (practice)

Ready to install your N (Hoe) needles on your network? This tutorial will help you to see more clearly ...
We are here on the same principle as the Ho electrofrog scale needle (normal channel - 16.5 mm) already treated in detail on letraindejules.fr ► HERE
For these needles N (normal way) or in Ho (narrow way), you will find at the end of the article the video posted on the YouTube channel letraindejules to prepare this [...]

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Needle electrofrog Ho wiring (theory)

The electrofrog needle will easily recognize you with its metal needle heart. You find it easily at Peco, Tillig, Hornby, Roco ...

It is designed in opposition to the needle Insulfrog which she has a heart of plastic needle (very unsightly on a network for that matter).
The needle Insulfrog you will be able to use it on a lane of passage at high speed, this last one will allow you to pass without encumbrance the needle (on a line Ho [...]

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Slow motor MP5 wiring from mtb

Slow motor MP5 from mtb, how to wire it?
Author text photos and diagrams Bruno Lefèvre - bruno.lefevre013@orange.fr

First of all, you will need to choose the power mode of your slow MP5 engine. Two choices available to you:

3-wire wiring (diagram 1) with DC or AC power supply, 8 to 16 volts and a fixed (ON / OFF / ON) or momentary (MOM / OFF / MOM) switch. ]

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Convenient modulator

You need a small modulator? To control your network in analog (if it remains reasonable).
Here's how to easily order your train while remaining free of your movements with one hand (this is a good way I used to order the Hoe train on the modules for the Ramma 2015)
So how are you doing?
The idea of the little modulator!
So you want a simple order, not [...]

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Roco X2800 with sound system

It's been a long time since I wanted to equip this Roco X2800 railcar with a sound decoder, railcar I bought on Ebay in a box with its trailer Decauville.

ESU Loksound V4 with sound for the Roco X2800
So reception of the decoder completed by Miniatures passion, with the opening of the box I realize that the record is ... in GERMAN! I have nothing against our friends from Germany, but I thought that any product sold in [...]

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