Du décor sur le réseau Ho


Avec du décor autour de la halle marchandise.


Dépron 3mm (magasins de matériaux) Colle blanche.

Peinture bombe – Marron Beige référence DB Street 400 ml de chez Dalbe / et Dalbe URBAN art Acrylique (Magasins d’arts graphiques).

Turfs Woodland Scénics T1344 – T1345 – T1363 Appareil à Floquer – RTS greenkeeper 35kv – en vente sur https://eshop.microrama.eu/fr/121-rts…

Flocages WWS 6/8/10mm Ballast ABE44 ( Mélange).

Terres […]

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Patine Voie et Ballast

TUTO #20

Suite de la construction du réseau Ho que nous avons débuté ensemble en septembre 2018.

Les voies du réseau vont être traitées en globalité.

Exemple sur la partie amovible devant la porte de la pièce.

LE MATERIEL : 2 pinceaux, & fin et un plus gros à poil dur.

Mélange colle / eau et 2 gouttes de liquide vaisselle pour coller le ballast. Eau et spray fin. […]

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Un heurtoir en béton !

Besoin d’un heurtoir pour une voie de garage de votre réseau ?

Un heurtoir en béton ? c’est très simple à faire…


Du plâtre à modeler, des chutes de carton épais, cuillère, verre ou boite plastique, sable beige à décor, peinture grise (béton) et rouge pour la traverse. Colle à bois, Colle cyano et pinceaux, cutter, réglet.

Fabriquez ce heurtoir à partir des dimensions d’un modèle existant (si vous n’en avez pas, […]

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NETWORK Ho - Background support.

NETWORK TUTORIAL Ho # 7 The placement of the plates that will serve as a background backdrop. Material: Medium 3mm (isorel). Self-drilling plasterboard screws 3.5 x 25 mm Plaster plaster Plaster knife. Matte white acrylic paint. Tutorial on the realization of a background of decoration on letraindejules.fr How are we fixed? HD VIDEO on the channel:
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Ballast, how to be effective

Yes I know what you will tell me ... the ballast is seen and seen again ... we know how to do ... we understood ...
I agree with you. But it is an indispensable subject on a site that speaks about model rail and I had not treated full on letraindejules.fr, even if I had already mentioned in the realization of the modules Hoe Ramma - Raoul Lagrume.
Good and well […]

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Ho biting brambles

Ho brambles, very thick ... that sting! Finally itchy ... way of speaking, in any case it is the impression they will give!
it is necessary for the network, especially in a bucolic atmosphere, on the edge of the road, the paths and the embankments.
I found here and there, tutorials to achieve not too expensive and I put myself in my turn, I try the experience!
Equipment : […]

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The RTS-Greenkeeper, I had failed to present it to you during my previous selection of electrostatic devices for flocking your network ► HERE
This PRO device has already received the praise of Loco-Revue magazine in the N ° 837 and 838 of April and May 2017.
Easy flocking with the RTS-Greenkeeper ...
The RTS-Greenkeeper is a device specially made and adapted to the flocking work of modelers.

It is today the device of this type the best-selling [...]

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Electrostatic fixing of flocking

The electrostatic fixation of flocking, a vast subject ...
Before looking at the different devices available on the market:
the principle of electrostatic fixing of flocking ... How does it work?
1 - Load the fiber unit (grass) 4 to 12 mm long into the tank.
2 - Apply a rather wet glue bed (for electrical conductivity) on the surface to be flocked.
3 - fix a point on the [...]

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Shops Jouef refurbished

You find them everywhere, for almost 3 times nothing, you had them being small on your network, your dad heaps them can be in a cardboard attic with other old buildings Jouef ...
You will try to do something ... To make your little village of Montjustin Station.

Full details of all operations in the No. 29 key for the model train.
How to go with these shops Jouef?
Here we [...]

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Wooden dock for your network

A wooden dock that you will realize in a very simple way.
You adjust your dock along the building (here annex building station) a piece of Cardboard Pen or Depron 5 mm thick and 20 cm by 3 cm.

Full details of all operations in the No. 29 keys for the model train (newsstand).
You sand each end patiently to get a ramp.

You will be able to recover spatulas [...]

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Motor show route and wagons.

The practical way of exposure to take a picture of your Ho (or N or O if you wish, it is enough to adapt the rails and the plate of presentation in function ...).
Very easy to make, light, easily transportable to be positioned in any place, to have the backdrop you want (campaign, near a station, on your network ...).
This is a method that you can also apply to achieve the [...]

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Hill Ho on the network

Maybe you want to build a Ho hill, an N mountain, an O lake, and a hollow on your network?
The principle remains the same ... The structure must be strong enough to be removed if necessary, in order to access a track to clean it or repair electrical wiring.
This is the case here on the network ...
This hill Ho will serve to camouflage the angle and will play the role, by the [...]

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