Du décor sur le réseau Ho


Avec du décor autour de la halle marchandise.


Dépron 3mm (magasins de matériaux) Colle blanche.

Peinture bombe – Marron Beige référence DB Street 400 ml de chez Dalbe / et Dalbe URBAN art Acrylique (Magasins d’arts graphiques).

Turfs Woodland Scénics T1344 – T1345 – T1363 Appareil à Floquer – RTS greenkeeper 35kv – en vente sur https://eshop.microrama.eu/fr/121-rts…

Flocages WWS 6/8/10mm Ballast ABE44 ( Mélange).

Terres […]

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Garage ELF Minifer


Pour la construction du réseau Ho la mise en place du garage Elf Minifer dans la partie droite du réseau.

ATTENTION – Cette vidéo et cet article ne sont que le reflet d’une expérience et en rien un méthode infaillible pour réaliser la maquette.

Pour le montage du garage référez vous à la notice sur le site Minifer : http://www.minifer.fr

LE MATERIEL Cutter, […]

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Demi gare PLM – BoisModélisme

TUTO #21

Pour la réalisation de notre réseau Ho (voie normale – Voie code 75 PECO) Nous allons procéder au montage de la Demi Gare PLM Bois Modélisme

ATTENTION – Cette vidéo n’est que le reflet d’une expérience et en rien un méthode infaillible pour réaliser la maquette.

LE MATERIEL : Cutter ou lame fine X Acto ou autre.

Colle à bois Brucelles Peintures (Ici du gris employé […]

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Shops Jouef refurbished

You find them everywhere, for almost 3 times nothing, you had them being small on your network, your dad heaps them can be in a cardboard attic with other old buildings Jouef ...
You will try to do something ... To make your little village of Montjustin Station.

Full details of all operations in the No. 29 key for the model train.
How to go with these shops Jouef?
Here we [...]

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Halle goods.

The Artitec merchandise hall is a classic.
Even if Artitec products are (unfortunately) increasingly rare, you will come to find this model at the resellers of model railroads and for a rather attractive price as for example here at Mr. model.
As soon as you find a kit Artitec buy! (If you have the sous of course, I presented here the assembly of the transformer of [...]

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Ho House integrated with the decor

You have finished the model of your building ... It is now time to integrate the Ho house on the ground of your network (as I did on the module for the Ramma 2015).
It is true that you simply have to ask ... and paste ... but the terrain of your decor is not flat.
It is out of the question, as we often see, to see spaces, the [...]

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Patina house Lagrume

It is Martial Cure who, of some pieces of cardboard and with the help of his Craft Robot, realized the family home of Lagrume Père & Fils.
It will have to integrate now to the decor of our modules Ramma 2015. But before all that, with the permission of Martial, I will make a small homemade patina.
So this homemade patina ...?
The goal is to materialize the wear of time on the building! Do not […]

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Transformer of campaign

The house Lagrume needs electricity ...
... so need a campaign processor (as there are everywhere in France) nearby. You will find moreover on various forums and in particular the forum LR Press devoted to the trains, threads on this building typical of our French campaigns ... which will allow you to get an idea on the choice of its representation (there are some many models) [...]

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The house Lagrume, by Martial Cure.

Well, here is the family business Lagrume Deforestation Father & Son ... The project is moving forward ... We must now think about housing the family and tidying the equipment and tools!
It is my friend Martial Cure who will be in charge of the realization of the buildings on our modules for "the crossings of the narrow" for the Ramma 2015.
He is not very happy to have only 112 cm² to make a house [...]

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HO cabin

Une petite, une belle cabane HO, une cabane HO achetée… 50 centimes lors d’une exposition (trouvée avec 2 autres dans des cartons qui trainent…) Grattage, recollage, toit en carton ondulé, peinture en gris et noir, terre à décor (il me faudra mettre un peu de verdure autour). Et le tour est joué !
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Establishment of our two villages

That's it ... here we go in the realization of our two villages ... On the right of the network: St Antonin sur Layon, Villeneuve sur Loire on the left of the model.
Each village, which already includes a model - Regions and Companies - is placed on a 3.6 mm plywood base. The background is made him from photos (try on the photos below). The backgrounds are printed from [...]

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Ho city comes to life

The city HO comes alive, the buildings are quite easy to do, be careful not to put too much glue (This is also stated in the instructions ... photo film pot and small brush) thicknesses sometimes at least make that the cartons sometimes tend to curl. I use wood glue for a quicker grip.
Models delivered with kit élec (resistance + diodes and diagram well explained for [...]

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