Châtellerault 2016

Without much conviction this edition is the feeling that emerges, for a presentation very very public and always multi-disciplines.
Châtellerault 2016 - So the networks?
Let's stop at model making with networks that, in my opinion, have attracted attention this year.
This choice is obviously very personal!
Bravo for this small network placed in one of the angles of the exhibition: the deposit of St Charles Bastien Etienne and [...]

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Albi Railroad Viaduct - Network Project

The Viaduct Ferroviaire Albi is located in the Tarn (81 - Midi Pyrenees).

Also called "Viaduct of Castelviel" or "Railway Bridge Albi" it is located on the line of Toulouse (31) to Rodez (12) and allows the crossing of the Tarn Albi.
This viaduct has a special aura because it was painted by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec native of the city in 1880. You [...]

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Lanuéjouls (12) miniature train museum

Lanuéjouls - In this village of Aveyron lost in the middle of the countryside, there is a beautiful place that I had the pleasure to visit: The museum of miniature train.
You are between Rodez and Villefranche de Rouergue:

I was cordially welcomed.

Outside the building you are already in the mood, with a collection of enamelled plates and other signals SNCF.

For you many pictures of the different [...]

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Paris - miniature train shops

Welcome to Paris.
It happens to me when I am on a business trip to take metro line 13 heading north west of the capital.
Sur cette ligne 13 je m’arrête au métro Liège ou un arrêt avant, gare St Lazare.

The 8th & 9th districts - country of model railway!
No less than 4 to 5 shops within a radius of 1 km! Great!

I stop first at Life [...]

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Rolling Thunder System

This Rolling Thunder System presented today, could well, adapted to the equipment of us, revolutionize the sound of your network!
I like going crazy from time to time in the world of technology adapted to our Hobby.
This technology comes from the United States.
It will bring a real plus for model rail in France soon ... can be ...
This would require that a distributor be interested or have the idea of [...]

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Modulinos: Collaborative Network

J’ai vraiment été impressionné par ce magnifique projet collaboratif… Les modulinos.

Even if I did not participate in the adventure (we can not do everything and it is never too late ...) it remains a great human adventure that saw to meet for this exhibition of Castres more than 80 modules ... Oops forgiveness ... Modulinos Gérard Philippe room in October.
Michel Viers (prof sur le forum Loco Revue) en est le […]

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Ramma 2015: the crisscrosses of the narrow.

For the Ramma 2015, no less than a year of work to realize the two modules Raoul Lagrume for this challenge LR Press / Free Lane: The crossings of the narrow. A lot of work but a lot of fun at the finish ... The 25 modelers have therefore met in Sedan to gather their achievements (do not miss the video of Bernard Walter at the end of the article)
The crosses of the narrow project [...]

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Océanorail La Rochelle

This weekend I took my car early ... direction La Rochelle for this new edition of Oceanorail 17.
The discovery of 6 networks awaits me in this room Bernard Giraudeau (missing actor, originally from the city) in a semi-darkness that allows a better enhancement of different achievements through lighting, a yellow side of the other more white.
The networks are aligned on the edge of the room. In the middle one [...]

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The train of Muscadet

Idea of network: the train of Muscadet
I came across this book by Michel Harouy at the media library of my city "The little train of the country of Muscadet" Éditions Cheminement.
A book that I devoured and which gave me (again) a beautiful idea of network, even if one can not embark on 50 projects at the time.
We are here on the story of the setting [...]

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La gare du Pallet

In the series of stations in the region, here is the Pallet station in the Nantais vineyard in muscadet between Nantes and Clisson.
Located at 36 meters above sea level, the Pallet station is located at kilometer point (PK) 18,261 of the line from Nantes-Orléans to Saintes, between the stations of La Haie-Fouassière and Gorges.
Former railway station, it is also the original station (PK 0.000) of the line from Pallet to Vallet. [...]

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The delirium mine of François Gobbey

The Délirium mine A HO network surprising that the one made by Francois GOBBEY (AMFC Orléans), this artisanal mine plunges us into the 18th and 19th century. That's 1m30 x 0.90 to discover the exploitation of Delirium, very rare metal in its natural state which is a natural compound of chromium and nickel ... For the mine to work from extraction to transport, François GOBBEY has planned everything ... elevator, grader hoppers for [...]

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La Roche des Monts

Loyal readers of Loco Revue, it is a name that you know well, a gray eminence (despite its age!) Model rail Mayennais (it will make him happy) ... met with its Vendéen network of "La Roche des Monts" ( a curious mixture between Roche sur Yon and Notre Dame or St Jean de Monts !!)
A beautiful evolution of the biscuit factory Jeannette where narrow way, metric track and track [...]

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