Ballasting of Hoe lanes

The treatment of the tracks ... first the rails ...
Before the ballasting ... It is necessary to ask them, to stick them and to check that everything works correctly.
On the ground, the rails are old and rusty, the wooden sleepers are for a lot ... very tired.
I will paint the sides of the rails (2 inside and 2 outside). I use for this painting in Humbrol 70 (mat) pot that I patiently apply with my little one, [...]

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The house Lagrume, by Martial Cure.

Well, here is the family business Lagrume Deforestation Father & Son ... The project is moving forward ... We must now think about housing the family and tidying the equipment and tools!
It is my friend Martial Cure who will be in charge of the realization of the buildings on our modules for "the crossings of the narrow" for the Ramma 2015.
He is not very happy to have only 112 cm² to make a house [...]

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A stone wall HO, How to do

What's the use of a HO stone wall?
Question stupid will you say to me! A wall will support as in reality a raised ground, a difference of level. It will come in reinforcement of a building and will have to be realized according to the unevenness of the ground and to be appropriate to the place.
In our case on the module 1 of the challenge "the crossings of the narrow" for Ramma 2015, there is [...]

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Control terminal, the 2 TCOs.

Set up each control terminal ... they are called the "TCO", they are used to distribute the energies, (AC and DC) to cut the portions of channels that must be isolated on the power supply side and also to control the needle motors.
The two RAMMA 2015 modules are fixed together, placed on trestles and placed on a fairly wide board. Everything is blocked with clamps to allow me [...]

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Background colors, color backgrounds

I now go to the Couleurs de fond, the colors that will allow us to no longer see the white plastered bands and that will serve as a support for the colors of our decor.
We go, at Raoul Lagrume - deforestation Father and son, we find in the middle of the woods, therefore, background colors that smell of undergrowth, humus, fern ... I will choose as background colors, brown and [...]

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HO relief for modules.

The way is laid ... the needles are tested ... everything is fine.
We must now move to relief. This relief HO must be simple to achieve and especially lightweight to allow easy transport modules.
The relief of module 2 is made with pieces of expanded polystyrene, that of module 1 with strips of cardboard.
The manufacture of relief Ho ...
I cut strips of cardboard, about 2 cm wide, [...]

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Ramma Modules 2015, The Way

I go to the laying of the track on the 2 modules HOe Ramma 2015. It is about narrow way PECO 80, 9mm for the width. I use flexible way.
The needles…
They were put in position at the desired locations at first. It is about electrofrog needles, the heart (metal) will be fed according to the position of the needle to not have inadvertent stop of the motor. Under the […]

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Tillig 86112 engine, how to wire it

For the needle motors, Ramma modules, I have a total of 4 needles to motorize.
I thought, at first, to make manual orders. But then I hesitated between different engines, like the PL10 Peco that I used for the network, the Lematec engines that I told you about on the Facebook page ...
I finally opted for the engine Tillig 86112, it is quite expensive in the trade, but there, [...]

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Lococractor HOW

For the 2015 Ramma Challenge, the modules will be equipped with 9 mm track, HOe narrow track.
For the 2 modules that I build, I need a reliable locotractor, not too expensive ... So I turn to ROCO and its small locotractor HOe ref 33206 that I can get for a price in very good condition at around 60 euros on Ebay no example (possible purchase in nine [...]

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Ramma 2015: it's gone

 The crossings of the narrow HOe is one of the new challenges launched by and for the RAMMA 2015 in Sedan ... 
The new goal? (for Martial my friend modelmaker and me) participate with 2 modules ... which represent a small family tree cutting business. the RAOUL LAGRUME company - Deforestation father & son. I take care of the way, the reliefs, the greenery and Martial him of all this [...]

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