Background scenery

The backdrop ... we do not know, by which side to take ...
Some will do it in blue with bomb clouds (which I did at first) ...
Others will stick a photographic backdrop, bought in the trade or make it by printing on special paper.
Background decoration with paint ...
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C’est certainement le moins cher, mais pas le plus facile à faire. Vous avez […]

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Kerville: a small Breton city

Kerville as presented in the Loco-Revue N ° 769 of the month of August 2011.
A small Breton city, a Ho network of 70cm out of 50.
Kerville, a small Breton city ...
How it all began !
All started from a bet between my son Jules and me on a Sunday at noon: "Dad, you build your big network, but I would also like to have my little train".
I replied that he would have it and that it would work, promised, before the meal [...]

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