HO NETWORK - integration of modules

NETWORK TUTORIAL Ho # 4 We finished XPO modules. Now we move on to integrating modules with the joinery of the Ho network. We must lower the work schedule. Each module is located 10 cm higher (1m34) than the base. So ... So we have to lower each module. XPO modules - Maxime lame. http: //www.boismodélisme.com HD VIDEO on the channel:
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NETWORK Ho - Modules XPO Boismodélisme.com


In project 3 Modules XPO Boismodelisme.com for the network Ho.

Thanks to Maxime Boiteux for the supply of the modules.

To find out more about the modules: XPO Modules Boismodélisme.com



Classic wood glue Clamp with conventional pliers - less than 10 € the Dexter pair at Leroy Merlin.


Matte White Paint for Woodwork, Acrylic

Matte black acrylic Luxens from Leroy Merlin.

Vert […]

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NETWORK Ho - structure and storage


Here is the structure and support of the network with shelves and storage boxes from IKEA are in place.

When I say: Structure and storage, ie the setting up of our shelves ... *

But also by all the storage and classifications of the equipment made available for the realization of the network.

Room 9m² - 3 x 3 meters is relatively small, all [...]

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NETWORK Ho - Adjustable feet

NETWORK TUTORIAL Ho # 1 needs adjustable feet for leveling the network surface

INSTALLATION OF THE STRUCTURE: Installation of the platform supports around the room with IKEA uprights / shelves from IKEA (count around € 7 for an amount / around € 4/5 for a shelf) .Install the adjustable feet wing nuts and screw skates available in all good hardware stores.

The […]

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New Ho network project

It's back to school
letraindejules offers the realization of a new network project Ho.
Big challenge because it consists of building a 3m by 3m room tower.
Construction planned, for start-up, end of September
For this network project Ho, better a good video than a long talk.

To follow on the site but also on the various social networks:
Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/letraindejules
Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/letraindejules
Twitter ► http://twitter.com/letraindejules

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