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TRAINSMANIA 2019, the European show of miniature train, will be held for its second edition in Lille on 3, 4 and 5 MAY 2019.

 With The most beautiful European networks • Conferences • Animations • New technologies • Manufacturers, artisans, distributors, creators, publishers • Conviviality • Sharing • All this on more than 6.000 m2 of exhibition

With the train of Jules live the preparations for Trainsmania 2019 and the exhibition with photos, videos ...


The railway worlds of Trainsmania: 60 miniature train networks, England [...]

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Hoe Montjustin Railway Network - Phase 6

MONTJUSTIN TRAIN STATION - Phase 6 of the Hoe network - 120 x 65 cm.
Of course ... the full details of all the operations and materials needed in the magazine "keys for the model train" N ° 30

All good things come to an end ! Even for our network Montjustin station, already 1 year almost passed and 6 numbers of Keys for the miniature train.
During this year you have crossed many [...]

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Shops Jouef refurbished

You find them everywhere, for almost 3 times nothing, you had them being small on your network, your dad heaps them can be in a cardboard attic with other old buildings Jouef ...
You will try to do something ... To make your little village of Montjustin Station.

Full details of all operations in the No. 29 key for the model train.
How to go with these shops Jouef?
Here we [...]

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Wooden dock for your network

A wooden dock that you will realize in a very simple way.
You adjust your dock along the building (here annex building station) a piece of Cardboard Pen or Depron 5 mm thick and 20 cm by 3 cm.

Full details of all operations in the No. 29 keys for the model train (newsstand).
You sand each end patiently to get a ramp.

You will be able to recover spatulas [...]

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Hoe Montjustin Railway Network - Phase 5

At Montjustin Gare, real estate comes into play!
And before the finishes that will close the construction of the network Montjustin Station in the No. 30 of keys for the miniature train of March 2017.
And that builds ... the Passenger Buildings (BV), the annex and the quay of the low station, the lane hut and 3 rather unexpected village houses ...
Come out the trowel and the concrete mixer ...
Full details of all operations [...]

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Hoe Montjustin Railway Network - Phase 4

Montjustin Gare, The structure is made, the way posed, you will now give life to your network by creating the decor.
MONTJUSTIN TRAIN STATION - Phase 4 of the Hoe network - 120 x 65 cm.
Of course ... the full details of all the operations and materials needed in the magazine "keys for the model train" N ° 28

1 - The retaining walls of Monjustin Gare.

You will now realize walls in [...]

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Hoe Montjustin Railway Network - Phase 3

Montjustin Gare our small network is "in the process" of taking shape.
Your little convoy Hoe will roll "full steam" and you can already watch it turn for hours ...
Before all that, still some structural operations and not least as the laying of the way, the establishment of the entrances of the tunnels and the bridges! !
Full details of all operations in the No. 27 key for [...]

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Hoe Montjustin Railway Network - Phase 2

The network Hoe Montjustin Gare, left for the second stage of this network Hoe that I build with you in the magazine key for the model train No. 26.

Small reminder of the project drawn with talent by François Fontana:

Our second step will be to get the network up.
The relief of the network Hoe Montjustin station
This model will indeed be a big sandwich. The polystyrene plates go [...]

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Hoe Montjustin Railway Network - Phase 1

Montjustin gare: Here is the new project that I propose to build thanks to LR Press magazine:

The website of Keys for the miniature train
I am going to build with you this light network in Hoe!

Drawing - François Fontana.
For more details on the realization of this first step, go of course in the N ° 25 of keys for the model train.
The material to build Montjustin Station.

2 boards [...]

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Kerville: a small Breton city

Kerville as presented in the Loco-Revue N ° 769 of the month of August 2011.
A small Breton city, a Ho network of 70cm out of 50.
Kerville, a small Breton city ...
How it all began !
All started from a bet between my son Jules and me on a Sunday at noon: "Dad, you build your big network, but I would also like to have my little train".
I replied that he would have it and that it would work, promised, before the meal [...]

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The train of jules in the press

Article on the train jules published in the weekly of Sèvre and Maine N ° 813 - Thursday, June 11, 2015 and signed Laurent FORTIN.
In Clisson, trains also circulate in a reduced model
Not all trains pass through Clisson station. They also circulate at Patrick Cathala. At 49, this inhabitant of downtown is a passionate model railroad. As there would be 30 000 in France.
He will exhibit in [...]

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