Roco X2800 with sound system

It's been a long time since I wanted to equip this Roco X2800 railcar with a sound decoder, railcar I bought on Ebay in a box with its trailer Decauville.

ESU Loksound V4 with sound for the Roco X2800
So reception of the decoder completed by Miniatures passion, with the opening of the box I realize that the record is ... in GERMAN! I have nothing against our friends from Germany, but I thought that any product sold in [...]

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Lococractor HOW

For the 2015 Ramma Challenge, the modules will be equipped with 9 mm track, HOe narrow track.
For the 2 modules that I build, I need a reliable locotractor, not too expensive ... So I turn to ROCO and its small locotractor HOe ref 33206 that I can get for a price in very good condition at around 60 euros on Ebay no example (possible purchase in nine [...]

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The network HO of the network

Here is an inventory of the driving park in service on the network HO ... these are the symbols of the motor running late 60s and 70s. First of all:
CC 72000 Roco: it is digitized with SON - ZIMO decoder. It is a little new, a slight patina will be needed. By cons the sound is excellent!

X2800 Roco: A railcar bought on Ebay with its trailer [...]

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