Control terminal, the 2 TCOs.

Set up each control terminal ... they are called the "TCO", they are used to distribute the energies, (AC and DC) to cut the portions of channels that must be isolated on the power supply side and also to control the needle motors.
The two RAMMA 2015 modules are fixed together, placed on trestles and placed on a fairly wide board. Everything is blocked with clamps to allow me [...]

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Peco needles, how to wire them well

The network was previously equipped with Peco insulfrog needles, needles for the circulation of fast trains (tractors or railcars that sometimes run at speed, scale, a TGV as can be seen on some videos ).
In our case, few tracks = network of maneuvers, which imply speeds sometimes very slow ... 
The problem with the Peco insulfrog needles (which do not have polarization of the heart [...]

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The HO loop of the network N°1

It's time to complete the loop, to make the HO loop of the network to finally ... the turn!
In the last article the support board was laid on squares. The cork underlay to accommodate the tracks (same thing in the underground station) is put in place.

The track will be doubled on this "parade route" with two long needles Peco [...]

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The laying of the HO way - 1st part.

Our route is done ... We must now cut into the plate, the holes to house the Peco engines. The sub-layer in compressed wood (easy-to-cut parquet floor with a cutter) is laid and glued (wood glue).

I postpone the holes for the switch motors on the underlay glued in (turning over the plate) and test the location of the tracks ... the rails will then be fixed with [...]

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The laying of HO lanes - a first try

Roco lane code 100, Roco and Peco turnouts ... for the laying of the HO lanes of our stations. They are held by screws and washers, I respect the 5cm mini for the width of the platforms.
All rails and switches are placed on a single plate (even if it is based on several modules, this point-to-point network is not intended to travel or to be exposed) [...]

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