Réseau Ho – Câblage voie et moteurs.


Câblage de la voie au signal numérique de la centrale.Pose des moteurs DLY Moteur de Daniel Le Gall. INFOS Les interrupteurs et rallonges câbles sont fournis (voir fournitures DLY Moteur.)

Matériel : Connecteurs – Platine Sinch femelle. Câbles 0,2 – 2 x 1,5 mm². Pince à dénuder. Pince coupante. Fer à souder. Étain. Cutter. fer a souder Gaine thermorétractable Tournis plat et cruciformes de différentes tailles. Colliers. […]

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Roco X2800 with sound system

It's been a long time since I wanted to equip this Roco X2800 railcar with a sound decoder, railcar I bought on Ebay in a box with its trailer Decauville.

ESU Loksound V4 with sound for the Roco X2800
So reception of the decoder completed by Miniatures passion, with the opening of the box I realize that the record is ... in GERMAN! I have nothing against our friends from Germany, but I thought that any product sold in [...]

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Rolling Thunder System

This Rolling Thunder System presented today, could well, adapted to the equipment of us, revolutionize the sound of your network!
I like going crazy from time to time in the world of technology adapted to our Hobby.
This technology comes from the United States.
It will bring a real plus for model rail in France soon ... can be ...
This would require that a distributor be interested or have the idea of [...]

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DCC programming channel.

Unlike the analogue that requires that a portion of track is not powered for a loco is stopped, digital has many advantages ... each motor is indeed independent if we took good care to program its different CV (to adjust as desired the sound, braking acceleration ...) but especially if you thought to give him an address (which is personal) that him [...]

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Module sonore Loco-DigiLab

The model is good ... the scenarios, trees, wood ... the characters ... but all that lacks a bit of sound, a little atmosphere!
So I appealed to LDL - Loco-DigiLab;
It designs very simple sound modules and small sizes, very easy to implement on your network. These modules provided for a price between 20 and 30 € can restore sounds, atmospheres to [...]

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The network HO of the network

Here is an inventory of the driving park in service on the network HO ... these are the symbols of the motor running late 60s and 70s. First of all:
CC 72000 Roco: it is digitized with SON - ZIMO decoder. It is a little new, a slight patina will be needed. By cons the sound is excellent!

X2800 Roco: A railcar bought on Ebay with its trailer [...]

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Digitaliser a Y 7400 LS Models.

This locotractor Y 7400 LS Models is a beautiful locotractor (like the 6400 from EPM from the same house for manufacturing).
The problem is that the Belgian brand does not even have a pin for the installation of a simple decoder ... and it is also the case on newer models!
So ... hacking obligation for digital operation.

You could adapt for example, a sound decoder [...]

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Locotracteur EPM Y 6438.

J’ai réalisé du décor sur le réseau. Ici derrière le locotracteur l’entrée du tunnel de la voie d’accès à la gare souterraine.
Voici le Locotracteur EPM Y 6438.
Chez EPM / Ref  E 12.33.03  –  Ep. IV –  vert, traverse jaune, châssis gris, plaque rouge, bandes jaunes jonquille
Le modèle est épuisé chez EPM !

Locotracteur EPM Y 6438… La machine !
Le Y 6400 est un locotracteur diesel dérivé des Y 6200… dont les […]

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Network # 1 wiring is moving forward.

Je finis de poser les voies, le câblage du réseau avance pour le DCC et après tout ça …  les premiers essais… Y en a un peu partout !!    et bientôt les premiers essais.
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2 drawers for the network

2 drawers for the network were installed on both sides to facilitate the maneuvers, they are after the last needle ... and measure 50 cm long ... Here are 2 pictures of the right and one of the left ...

A box surface was also added to the front of the network with a rail, to allow the programming of the motor CVs ... the traces of paint correspond to the finishes of the station [...]

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