Ballast, how to be effective

Yes I know what you will tell me ... the ballast is seen and seen again ... we know how to do ... we understood ...
I agree with you. But it is an indispensable subject on a site that speaks about model rail and I had not treated full on, even if I had already mentioned in the realization of the modules Hoe Ramma - Raoul Lagrume.
Good and well […]

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Motor show route and wagons.

The practical way of exposure to take a picture of your Ho (or N or O if you wish, it is enough to adapt the rails and the plate of presentation in function ...).
Very easy to make, light, easily transportable to be positioned in any place, to have the backdrop you want (campaign, near a station, on your network ...).
This is a method that you can also apply to achieve the [...]

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Ballasting of Hoe lanes

The treatment of the tracks ... first the rails ...
Before the ballasting ... It is necessary to ask them, to stick them and to check that everything works correctly.
On the ground, the rails are old and rusty, the wooden sleepers are for a lot ... very tired.
I will paint the sides of the rails (2 inside and 2 outside). I use for this painting in Humbrol 70 (mat) pot that I patiently apply with my little one, [...]

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The metal bridge of the network ...

The insoles (in insulating wood sub-layers) are all laid, the right station is wired (DCC signal,
it will remain the orders of needles to make). For the left station, you have to put the rails and wire ...
Between our two stations there are two bridges, the first is stone (it is in place) and the second is a metal cage ... It is the latter that interests us!
We will […]

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