NETWORK Ho - Wiring needles.


Before sticking on the network the rails, it is necessary to prepare upstream its electrofrog needles in Ho code 75.

This needle wiring is done with 4 simple operations.

Remove the connections between the needles and the needle heart

Cut or replace control cross

Wire the needle core to be connected to the engine's auxiliary contact.

Connect the rails 2 to 2.

HD VIDEO to appreciate visually the [...]

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NETWORK Ho - Arrival order of needles.

NETWORK TUTORIAL Ho # 10 Needles from Hattons in Liverpool have just arrived! Opening the carton after this arrival order of needles! What surprise reserves the package ??
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NETWORK Ho - Choose the right hands for your lane plan.


Choose the right hands for the lane plan of your network.

We surf on the PC ... Site Peco Products:

the OO (1 / 76th English) corresponds in every respect to 1 / 87th in France.

Among the needles presented on the site, there is also the N and the O. PECO products available at Micro Model, Boutique LR Modélisme ...

Personally I buy the products track Peco [...]

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Needles N / Hoe - Ho how to wire them (practice)

Ready to install your N (Hoe) needles on your network? This tutorial will help you to see more clearly ...
We are here on the same principle as the Ho electrofrog scale needle (normal channel - 16.5 mm) already treated in detail on ► HERE
For these needles N (normal way) or in Ho (narrow way), you will find at the end of the article the video posted on the YouTube channel letraindejules to prepare this [...]

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