DCC programming channel.

Unlike the analogue that requires that a portion of track is not powered for a loco is stopped, digital has many advantages ... each motor is indeed independent if we took good care to program its different CV (to adjust as desired the sound, braking acceleration ...) but especially if you thought to give him an address (which is personal) that him [...]

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Background colors, color backgrounds

I now go to the Couleurs de fond, the colors that will allow us to no longer see the white plastered bands and that will serve as a support for the colors of our decor.
We go, at Raoul Lagrume - deforestation Father and son, we find in the middle of the woods, therefore, background colors that smell of undergrowth, humus, fern ... I will choose as background colors, brown and [...]

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The HO loop of the network N°1

It's time to complete the loop, to make the HO loop of the network to finally ... the turn!
In the last article the support board was laid on squares. The cork underlay to accommodate the tracks (same thing in the underground station) is put in place.

The track will be doubled on this "parade route" with two long needles Peco [...]

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The helical loops not easy

A point-to-point network is good, but we keep our memories of childhood and this desire to see "turn the little train". By dint of watching the motor drive, I thought it would be nice if she could go around the room! but this is not possible since the part occupied by the network is not entirely dedicated to it.
Hence the idea of making a [...]

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2 drawers for the network

2 drawers for the network were installed on both sides to facilitate the maneuvers, they are after the last needle ... and measure 50 cm long ... Here are 2 pictures of the right and one of the left ...

A box surface was also added to the front of the network with a rail, to allow the programming of the motor CVs ... the traces of paint correspond to the finishes of the station [...]

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Underground tracks

I decided to go digital ... a Multimaus ROCO will be more than enough ...

So new under our new network ... The underground station has been revised, the support part is composed of horizontal bars (exit candles) which will allow us easier access to the underground station if necessary.

The tracks were fixed with aglo screws and washers diam 6 mm.
Roads […]

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The path of the hidden station

The path of the hidden station received its protections (5mm plywood glued to the edge) to avoid the fall of the material and a black paint stroke (it was not necessary but hey it is more beautiful even if is hidden ...) and here is the result ...

If you have looked closely at the photos above, you can see that the backdrop of the network has left its blue ... for [...]

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The underground station & platforms of the network N ° 1.

No possibility on the network to set up a swing bridge, with a rotunda for example ... the place is much too limited!
After thinking, I will create an underground station, it will have 3 sidings ... which will be largely sufficient for our modest convoys.
It is time to set up the different support plates for the underground station and its access road.
We must first do the [...]

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A hidden station under modules 4 and 5

Changes in the plan of our new network with the creation of a hidden station, as I had suggested Nicolas, faithful blog, a few weeks ago in a brilliant comment ...
This hidden station will be placed under the station of St Antonin (partly module 4 and module 5) and will have 4 lanes or more, to allow us to park several convoys ... The path that will serve this hidden station will join [...]

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The structure of the 1st HO network.

It could be a link between 2 stations ... maybe it's not bad to be simple!
I was also looking for a book published by Loco-Revue (LR-Presse) on railway signaling ... "the miniature network - the signaling in a few typical cases", thanks to the author Yann BAUDE, journalist at Loco-Revue, for me to have sent amicably ... and dedicaced in addition, a copy of his personal reserve (the edition is exhausted!) ... very [...]

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