Arbre Ho facile

Un arbre Ho sera notre bricolage du jour.
Pour les arbres de votre module, de votre réseau, de votre diorama… vous avez vraiment le choix.
Soit utiliser des arbres du commerce pas chers, que vous allez tout simplement disposer ça et là, d’autres que vous pourrez customiser à votre façon avec différentes teintes de flocage.
Vous pourrez aussi investir dans des arbres de qualité chez Sylvia SDD par exemple, mais cela coute assez […]

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Caliper: how to use it

The caliper everyone knows and all modellers know how to use it.
It is the indispensable instrument of all the precise measurements.
I found mine on a garage sale at 2 € with the rule and the box ... (yes, and without negotiating).

I have also often seen on this kind of sale, resold by parents or teens who have finished their technical studies [...]

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Resin River: How to proceed

The resin river is a subject that I have already discussed here but incompletely.
So let's be more precise, because even if this way may seem a little more complicated, with the method and patience we get there ... the proof!
That said, to make a river you have several other possibilities:

Either make your background color and then put on top of a plastic plate provided [...]

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Buissons touffus et taillis

Les haies et buissons sont omniprésents sur toute maquette, réseau ou diorama avec différentes façons de les matérialiser, de les concevoir.
J’ai utilisé sur les modules Raoul Lagrume (Modules pour le Ramma), pour les buissons, principalement du lichen floqué, ce qui est tout à fait plausible… mais un peu old school comme certains me l’ont d’ailleurs fait remarqué…  la végétation manque un peu d’aération. Il faudra que je la repense pour […]

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leds lighting

LED lighting simple to achieve. That's what I'm proposing today.
I need to make one for lighting along the underground station of the network. I have to fix it inside to have an indirect light that will not attack the eye.
I will stick my LED ribbons on 2 wooden cleats which will be ... fixed (screwed) on the inside front (lighting towards the bottom)

For my […]

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Background scenery

The backdrop ... we do not know, by which side to take ...
Some will do it in blue with bomb clouds (which I did at first) ...
Others will stick a photographic backdrop, bought in the trade or make it by printing on special paper.
Background decoration with paint ...

It is certainly the cheapest, but not the easiest to do. You may have [...]

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Rolling Thunder System

This Rolling Thunder System presented today, could well, adapted to the equipment of us, revolutionize the sound of your network!
I like going crazy from time to time in the world of technology adapted to our Hobby.
This technology comes from the United States.
It will bring a real plus for model rail in France soon ... can be ...
This would require that a distributor be interested or have the idea of [...]

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Flocage : comment choisir

Réseaux, modules et dioramas ont toujours eu besoin de verdure, de flocage… un peu ou beaucoup, c’est selon la représentation ferroviaire que l’on veut réaliser.
Ceux qui connaissent un peu mes maquettes remarqueront que j’ai une tendance à faire du modélisme ferroviaire de façon très… bucolique avec du flocage à gogo !
J’adore ça… mettre les mains dans le flocage. J’aime la campagne… certainement des souvenirs d’enfance.
Alors évidemment sur le réseau ou […]

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Pâte à modeler durcissante à l’air

Vous pouvez, pour les pavés de votre réseau (si vous en avez…) ou les murs utiliser du Dépron… ou du Carton Plume (Canson uniquement) que vous aurez au préalable pelé et ensuite gravé.
C’est léger et ça marche bien avec beaucoup de patience. Vous aurez plus de facilité à réaliser des gravures fines (petites pierres) avec le Carton Plume Canson qu’avec le Dépron (beaucoup plus grossier au niveau du grain).
Et la […]

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DCC programming channel.

Unlike the analogue that requires that a portion of track is not powered for a loco is stopped, digital has many advantages ... each motor is indeed independent if we took good care to program its different CV (to adjust as desired the sound, braking acceleration ...) but especially if you thought to give him an address (which is personal) that him [...]

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Locotracteur Minitrains Hoe

Who says module says of course ... rolling stock.
For rail traffic on the Raoul Lagrume operation, I need a locomotive and timber wagons to transport the wood.
1st locator Hoe ... at Roco!
It was a first choice ... I bought on Ebay, a Hoe Roco locator. But, this one does not bring me any satisfaction.
I thought at first that my path was not put correctly ... the feeding of needle cores [...]

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Patine rolling stock Hoe.

The rolling stock brought to circulate on the Ramma modules 2015 looks much too new to match the environment!
It will be necessary to realize a copious material patina ... to give the impression that everything has undergone the weather and the years ... moreover the Lagrume does not spend its time pampering the wagons and the locomotives ... must it bump!
Tools and equipment for the patina!
Still Humbrol painting [...]

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