Easy adjustable feet

Your adjustable feet made in 4 steps with letraindejules.fr
Step 1 - the material

Four feet equipped with rubber pellets that you can buy in the supermarket DIY department (at a low price of € 4) or specialty stores.

Hard to find?
Replace with round or square head studs.
Then add a piece of self-adhesive felt.
This will avoid scratching the floor of sports halls during your exhibitions (= boyfriend with [...]

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Needles N / Hoe - Ho how to wire them (practice)

Ready to install your N (Hoe) needles on your network? This tutorial will help you to see more clearly ...
We are here on the same principle as the Ho electrofrog scale needle (normal channel - 16.5 mm) already treated in detail on letraindejules.fr ► HERE
For these needles N (normal way) or in Ho (narrow way), you will find at the end of the article the video posted on the YouTube channel letraindejules to prepare this [...]

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The RTS-Greenkeeper, I had failed to present it to you during my previous selection of electrostatic devices for flocking your network ► HERE
This PRO device has already received the praise of Loco-Revue magazine in the N ° 837 and 838 of April and May 2017.
Easy flocking with the RTS-Greenkeeper ...
The RTS-Greenkeeper is a device specially made and adapted to the flocking work of modelers.

It is today the device of this type the best-selling [...]

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Needle electrofrog Ho wiring (theory)

The electrofrog needle will easily recognize you with its metal needle heart. You find it easily at Peco, Tillig, Hornby, Roco ...

It is designed in opposition to the needle Insulfrog which she has a heart of plastic needle (very unsightly on a network for that matter).
The needle Insulfrog you will be able to use it on a lane of passage at high speed, this last one will allow you to pass without encumbrance the needle (on a line Ho [...]

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Slow motor MP5 wiring from mtb

Slow motor MP5 from mtb, how to wire it?
Author text photos and diagrams Bruno Lefèvre - bruno.lefevre013@orange.fr

First of all, you will need to choose the power mode of your slow MP5 engine. Two choices available to you:

3-wire wiring (diagram 1) with DC or AC power supply, 8 to 16 volts and a fixed (ON / OFF / ON) or momentary (MOM / OFF / MOM) switch. ]

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Airbrush Patina: LS Models Car.

Nouvelle patine à l’aérographe de Laurent Raboteau de depann’loco. Cette fois ci sur une voiture voyageurs LS Models. Le principe reste exactement le même que celui présenté il y a quelques semaines sur la motrice CC72000 Roco. Pour en savoir plus cliquez ICI. Suivez les conseils de Laurent avec la vidéo ci-dessous qui vous détaille l’opération.  
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Electrostatic fixing of flocking

The electrostatic fixation of flocking, a vast subject ...
Before looking at the different devices available on the market:
the principle of electrostatic fixing of flocking ... How does it work?
1 - Load the fiber unit (grass) 4 to 12 mm long into the tank.
2 - Apply a rather wet glue bed (for electrical conductivity) on the surface to be flocked.
3 - fix a point on the [...]

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Patine à l’aérographe : CC 72000

The airbrush patina of a motor or a car ... have you ever thought about it?
Yes, but ... You have not taken the step.
Video tutorial for the patina of a motor by Laurent Raboteau de Depann'loco at the end of this article 
But first…
The material for the airbrush patina!
The compressor: It is necessary to have a compressor that will supply, connected to the sector, the compressed air to allow the operation of the airbrush [...]

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Shops Jouef refurbished

You find them everywhere, for almost 3 times nothing, you had them being small on your network, your dad heaps them can be in a cardboard attic with other old buildings Jouef ...
You will try to do something ... To make your little village of Montjustin Station.

Full details of all operations in the No. 29 key for the model train.
How to go with these shops Jouef?
Here we [...]

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Wooden dock for your network

A wooden dock that you will realize in a very simple way.
You adjust your dock along the building (here annex building station) a piece of Cardboard Pen or Depron 5 mm thick and 20 cm by 3 cm.

Full details of all operations in the No. 29 keys for the model train (newsstand).
You sand each end patiently to get a ramp.

You will be able to recover spatulas [...]

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Motor show route and wagons.

The practical way of exposure to take a picture of your Ho (or N or O if you wish, it is enough to adapt the rails and the plate of presentation in function ...).
Very easy to make, light, easily transportable to be positioned in any place, to have the backdrop you want (campaign, near a station, on your network ...).
This is a method that you can also apply to achieve the [...]

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Wagon Hoe at the right weight

Wagon Hoe, Ho or even N this operation is valid for all scales!
Your Hoe car at the right weight ... So?
Here the Hoe wagon goes in all directions ... It lacks charge, and does not fail to derail ... as soon as it can!

First of all, the standard for weights following the scales: NEM 302 standards of Morop dating from 2015 with the following table:

Calculation [...]

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