Transformer of campaign

The house Lagrume needs electricity ...
... so need a campaign processor (as there are everywhere in France) nearby. You will find moreover on various forums and in particular the forum LR Press devoted to the trains, threads on this building typical of our French campaigns ... which will allow you to get an idea on the choice of its representation (there are some many models) [...]

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Ho trees not too expensive

The moment has come to constitute the raw material of the small business LAGRUME deforestation Father & Son: the trees.
Which trees ho ...?
I already have in stock a whole collection of trees in zediaium made previously, I will here focus on spruces, fir trees of different shapes and different sizes. I need about sixty specimens.
I have the opportunity to manufacture them one by one, it's very rewarding [...]

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Ballasting of Hoe lanes

The treatment of the tracks ... first the rails ...
Before the ballasting ... It is necessary to ask them, to stick them and to check that everything works correctly.
On the ground, the rails are old and rusty, the wooden sleepers are for a lot ... very tired.
I will paint the sides of the rails (2 inside and 2 outside). I use for this painting in Humbrol 70 (mat) pot that I patiently apply with my little one, [...]

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Les véhicules HO. Comment les choisir

Pourquoi des véhicules HO ?
Comme la nature et les petits oiseaux qui chantent, les trains qui circulent, les personnages pour les scènes de vie.
Les véhicules HO sont indispensables sur les scènes du réseau, pour le rendre vivant.
Certains mettent en place la circulation des véhicules avec le car system digital de Faller qui amène un véritable plus parallèlement au train. Mais ça c’est une autre histoire.
Nous allons nous contenter ici de […]

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A stone wall HO, How to do

What's the use of a HO stone wall?
Question stupid will you say to me! A wall will support as in reality a raised ground, a difference of level. It will come in reinforcement of a building and will have to be realized according to the unevenness of the ground and to be appropriate to the place.
In our case on the module 1 of the challenge "the crossings of the narrow" for Ramma 2015, there is [...]

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Background colors, color backgrounds

I now go to the Couleurs de fond, the colors that will allow us to no longer see the white plastered bands and that will serve as a support for the colors of our decor.
We go, at Raoul Lagrume - deforestation Father and son, we find in the middle of the woods, therefore, background colors that smell of undergrowth, humus, fern ... I will choose as background colors, brown and [...]

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HO relief for modules.

The way is laid ... the needles are tested ... everything is fine.
We must now move to relief. This relief HO must be simple to achieve and especially lightweight to allow easy transport modules.
The relief of module 2 is made with pieces of expanded polystyrene, that of module 1 with strips of cardboard.
The manufacture of relief Ho ...
I cut strips of cardboard, about 2 cm wide, [...]

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Agricultural cooperative ABE 44.

I was looking for a building that could fit easily into the Particular Branch of the station of St Antonin ... After reflection ... I ended up finding with this agricultural cooperative produced in kit (resin and metal) by ABE 44 (Belle Epoque workshop ).

The kit is quite simple, even if one sometimes wonders about the cluster of metal detailing, what part corresponds to what! Looking for a little we end up [...]

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HO cabin

Une petite, une belle cabane HO, une cabane HO achetée… 50 centimes lors d’une exposition (trouvée avec 2 autres dans des cartons qui trainent…) Grattage, recollage, toit en carton ondulé, peinture en gris et noir, terre à décor (il me faudra mettre un peu de verdure autour). Et le tour est joué !
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Establishment of our two villages

That's it ... here we go in the realization of our two villages ... On the right of the network: St Antonin sur Layon, Villeneuve sur Loire on the left of the model.
Each village, which already includes a model - Regions and Companies - is placed on a 3.6 mm plywood base. The background is made him from photos (try on the photos below). The backgrounds are printed from [...]

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A very green hill.

Realization of our hill (often called the mountain ... but its altitude is not dizzying). It was painted, the white dry brush was made to bring out the edges and the first thin end flockings were made (Woodlands Scénics).

We must now bring some greenery to all this. I start by asking some fir trees (small or medium size +, 4 where [...]

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De l’herbe HO pour 7 euros

L’herbe Ho – pour la faire soyez prudent – Attention à vos manipulations et aux risques électriques !
Les flocages sont indispensables sur un réseau mais parfois, et notamment pour les prés, l’herbe manque un peu d’épaisseur.
C’est vrai ! … Comment réaliser une jolie prairie bien drue, avec de l’herbe HO bien grasse ?
Il y a des appareils pour ça… mais ça coute cher !
Et de l’herbe HO qui pousse […]

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