Réseau Ho – Câblage voie et moteurs.


Câblage de la voie au signal numérique de la centrale.Pose des moteurs DLY Moteur de Daniel Le Gall. INFOS Les interrupteurs et rallonges câbles sont fournis (voir fournitures DLY Moteur.)

Matériel : Connecteurs – Platine Sinch femelle. Câbles 0,2 – 2 x 1,5 mm². Pince à dénuder. Pince coupante. Fer à souder. Étain. Cutter. fer a souder Gaine thermorétractable Tournis plat et cruciformes de différentes tailles. Colliers. […]

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TUTORIAL: Installation DLY Engine 2

New tutorial on letraindejules.fr for the installation of the engine under table DLY Motor 2, engine conceived and realized by Daniel Le Gall.

If you are not very strong in electronics here is a simple solution to place on (under) your network.

For the demonstration, realization of a mini network of 40 cm by 10 including a Electrofrog PECO Code 100 needle with feeding of the needle heart.

At the exit of the heart [...]

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HO NETWORK - LED network lighting


We turn on the lighting of the network for the lighting of the way and the lighting of the modules.

The equipment for led lighting of the network:

Rubans LED autocollants : vous pouvez les choisir chauds ou froids et également par 60 ou 120 Leds (le prix n’est pas le même)

Transformateur 220 /12 V avec 10A et les miens font 120W ce qui est largement suffisant

Modulator not [...]

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NETWORK Ho - Inter-module links.


Inter-module links on the network.

Important to make everything solid.

This allows to dismount and remount frequently (removable parts or modules for an expo network)

Material - Copper epoxy plates (1 side 2.50 and 2.90 for both sides as on the video).

Neoprene glue

Drill - Drill

Soldering iron and soldering iron

Hand Instrument (Dremel Style) - Abrasive Discs

Cables [...]

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NETWORK Ho - Wiring needles.


Before sticking on the network the rails, it is necessary to prepare upstream its electrofrog needles in Ho code 75.

This needle wiring is done with 4 simple operations.

Remove the connections between the needles and the needle heart

Cut or replace control cross

Wire the needle core to be connected to the engine's auxiliary contact.

Connect the rails 2 to 2.

HD VIDEO to appreciate visually the [...]

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NETWORK Ho - Track sole.


Passage now for the construction of the network Ho, the laying of the sole (cork or Depron ... To you to choose).

This track plate will elevate the track and dampen rolling noise.

Material - For laying the track + footing

Curved rail code 75 PECO + needles (see previous tutorials)

DREMEL (or other) + cut-off discs (watch out for [...]

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NETWORK Ho - Carpentry relief module.

TURQUIEL NETWORK Ho # 11 Preparation in part of the relief of one of the modules (campaign module with level crossing) Establishment of a first carpentry ... for the creation of reliefs + and - Modules XPO Boismodélisme.com HERE: http://www.boismodelisme.com/store/mo... HD VIDEO on the chain for explanations in practice of this carpentry relief module:
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NETWORK Ho - Arrival order of needles.

NETWORK TUTORIAL Ho # 10 Needles from Hattons in Liverpool have just arrived! Opening the carton after this arrival order of needles! What surprise reserves the package ??
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NETWORK Ho - Network Path Plan

NETWORK TUTORIAL Ho # 9 Go go for the introduction of paper needles for the first tests ... 1st step! We are looking at a Loco Revue special issue that deserves to be reissued! A big THANK YOU to Mathieu Jacquemart for his help. Rule, pencil, rails, needles and we move to the realization of the network path plan. HD VIDEO on the chain letraindejules:
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NETWORK Ho - Choose the right hands for your lane plan.


Choose the right hands for the lane plan of your network.

We surf on the PC ... Site Peco Products: https://peco-uk.com/

the OO (1 / 76th English) corresponds in every respect to 1 / 87th in France.

Among the needles presented on the site, there is also the N and the O. PECO products available at Micro Model, Boutique LR Modélisme ...

Personally I buy the products track Peco [...]

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NETWORK Ho - Background support.

NETWORK TUTORIAL Ho # 7 The placement of the plates that will serve as a background backdrop. Material: Medium 3mm (isorel). Self-drilling plasterboard screws 3.5 x 25 mm Plaster plaster Plaster knife. Matte white acrylic paint. Tutorial on the realization of a background of decoration on letraindejules.fr How are we fixed? HD VIDEO on the channel:
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NETWORK Ho - Track platforms.

NETWORK TUTORIAL Ho # 6 For the trains to be able to roll, we need track platforms that will carry the rails We will proceed to the laying of the running surface of the network with its removable parts. This also involves defining the inputs and outputs of each module. HD VIDEO for some explanations ...
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