Letraindejules at TrainsMania 2019

The Jules train partner Web official partner of TrainsMania 2019.

3 days of exhibition at the Grand Palais of Lille.

This first weekend of May follow Trainsmania 2019 on the different social networks letraindejules: instagram, twitter and Facebook and in video!

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DAY video 1.

Video DAY 2 - The networks with some beautiful models chosen in the exhibition.

Video DAY 3 ... The novelties of the show and networks! [...]

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Demicarred by Claude Rémond

Magnifique mini réseau (mais si détaillé…) demicarré de Claude Rémond à l’échelle IIe avec de la voie de 16,5mm. Dimension de la maquette – 110cm par 50 d’ou le nom de Demicarré (à peux près). Tout est fait maison hormis les personnages et les vehicules. Belle grue, magnifique locotracteur… Du travail d’orfèvre. Cette magnifique réalisation aperçue lors du dernier RailExpo réapparaîtra bientôt lors des prochaine expo… On l’espère Copyright letraindejules
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The Bifurcation Saint Benoit

The bifurcation St Benoit is an achievement of the Ferrovian Modélisme club. Network Ho.

The station of Saint-Benoit is south of Poitiers. This is the bifurcation station to La Rochelle, Bordeaux and Limoges. The road on the left goes towards Bordeaux and Limoges and on the right towards La Rochelle.

The separation section between the 1500 V and 25 kV power supply is a little further.

There [...]

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letraindejules - OFFICIAL PARTNER Webmédia Trainsmania 2019

TRAINSMANIA 2019, the European show of miniature train, will be held for its second edition in Lille on 3, 4 and 5 MAY 2019.

 With The most beautiful European networks • Conferences • Animations • New technologies • Manufacturers, artisans, distributors, creators, publishers • Conviviality • Sharing • All this on more than 6.000 m2 of exhibition

With the train of Jules live the preparations for Trainsmania 2019 and the exhibition with photos, videos ...


The railway worlds of Trainsmania: 60 miniature train networks, England [...]

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Petiville sur Mer - Project Ho - Olivier Taniou

Petiville sur Mer - Before getting to the heart of the matter ... Some details about its designer:
Olivier Taniou - You certainly know him!
Author of numerous articles and tutorials for Loco-Revue and other magazines of the LR Press group, you have already met him in exhibition, where he, with Gaëlle, always pleased to present you his achievements, with among others: La Roche des Monts - The biscuit factory Jeannette [...]

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Framework 2017

The Ramma 2017:
As every 2 years, model trainers (and other disciplines) meet in Sedan (Ardennes).
A new edition rich in events and discoveries ...
An edition of all records with nearly 11,000 visitors on 1 day and a half and + 12% of paid entries.
BRAVO first of all to the whole organizing team for that make you adjusted to the millimeter.
Special thanks to Mathieu Jacquemart and François Gilbert, responsible for [...]

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Orléans 2016

Orleans 2016 - very beautiful things!
letraindejules.fr in Orléans 2016 certainly one of the most important model train shows of the year.
As always, the appointment is remarkably organized, with in presentation, some networks of exceptions.
Among the networks present some networks known as the Champi cave of Michel Lecoursonnais, the digitized steam depot of the Minirail Nantais ...
The choice for this article remains, as usual, very exhaustive ... so the palette is wide!
The […]

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RailExpo 2016

RailExpo 2016 had, this year, left the north-west of Paris to join the southwest, the city of Chartres in the Eure and Loir.
The opportunity for everyone to shop before the winter.
You will not have in this article, a global vision of the exhibition, but some details pecked here and there, which could have caught your attention.
Some participants deplored (especially the traders present and we understand them ...) the proximity (dates [...]

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Laval 2016

Laval 2016, a great success for AMFM 53 members driven by the dynamism of Gaëlle and Olivier Taniou. More than 5000 visitors were present on the 2 days and what an atmosphere ... nice!
(And congratulations to the snare drum and the bugle of the PK 149 team - Eric Limousin and company).
Laval 2016 is only the train!
And yes "train only" with the meeting of the crosses of the narrow [...]

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Châtellerault 2016

Without much conviction this edition is the feeling that emerges, for a presentation very very public and always multi-disciplines.
Châtellerault 2016 - So the networks?
Let's stop at model making with networks that, in my opinion, have attracted attention this year.
This choice is obviously very personal!
Bravo for this small network placed in one of the angles of the exhibition: the deposit of St Charles Bastien Etienne and [...]

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Albi Railroad Viaduct - Network Project

The Viaduct Ferroviaire Albi is located in the Tarn (81 - Midi Pyrenees).

Also called "Viaduct of Castelviel" or "Railway Bridge Albi" it is located on the line of Toulouse (31) to Rodez (12) and allows the crossing of the Tarn Albi.
This viaduct has a special aura because it was painted by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec native of the city in 1880. You [...]

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Lanuéjouls (12) miniature train museum

Lanuéjouls - In this village of Aveyron lost in the middle of the countryside, there is a beautiful place that I had the pleasure to visit: The museum of miniature train.
You are between Rodez and Villefranche de Rouergue:

I was cordially welcomed.

Outside the building you are already in the mood, with a collection of enamelled plates and other signals SNCF.

For you many pictures of the different [...]

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