Background scenery

The backdrop ... we do not know, by which side to take ...
Some will do it in blue with bomb clouds (which I did at first) ...
Others will stick a photographic backdrop, bought in the trade or make it by printing on special paper.
Background decoration with paint ...

It is certainly the cheapest, but not the easiest to do. You may have [...]

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Kerville: a small Breton city

Kerville as presented in the Loco-Revue N ° 769 of the month of August 2011.
A small Breton city, a Ho network of 70cm out of 50.
Kerville, a small Breton city ...
How it all began !
All started from a bet between my son Jules and me on a Sunday at noon: "Dad, you build your big network, but I would also like to have my little train".
I replied that he would have it and that it would work, promised, before the meal [...]

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